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Rollover Under a Bridge (with video)  

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Topic Originally Created by Macallisters in March of 2009:


Nice one the boys did today under a bridge off the motorway. We were concerned about the height as it was a high sided box vehicle under a relatively low bridge, it was likely that the tator wouldnt have got the height to lift it over with the length of the straps taken into account. They utilised our new air cushions and catch bags to right the vehicle without the need for a truck, apart from towing it away!


Whole job was wrapped up in under two hours from time of call to back in the yard.

Thanks for looking and well done to the Heathrow team!

Mark Mac





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mattiso said:


Holly S@#T that is slick !!
Was that recovery 100% Air Cushion?
or is there a wrecker helping that i cannot see?
Town & Country Towing
Matt Comfort
Sault Ste Marie, On Canada
"It is better to lose one minute in life, then to lose one life in a minute."


BandCTow said:

WOW nice job! I think i am going to get a set of the landing cushion. All way wanted to see them work. Thank!!



wreckerman05 said:

Professionals at work for sure--good recovery,equipment--great recovery job--


NR8187 said:

that was neat. Were you concerned that the controll bags could be torn by the truck?
good job


Jerry A Plus Towing said:

Nice work guys , how did you keep the lift bags from kicking out from the low side of the truck as it approaches going over center , haven't seen it done before with bags only.


macallisters said:

I can confirm that this job was 100% cushions, no wreckers - first for us as well!! The kit comes with 2 Mat Jacks to get you started, then 2 low pressure bags to deploy the larger bags. There are then 2 medium bags, 3 large bags and 1 giant bag. The giant bag goes about half the height again of the biggest jumbo bag i've seen and it was this one that pushed this over the centre of gravity. Just to clarify from trailer arrival on scene, four guys had this stood up within an hour. It took longer to lift and tow the casualty and pack away the bags. The catch bags are of durable material that is easily patched in about 2 minutes using spare plastic and a heat gun.

We are seriously re-evaluating our equipment as though these are quite expensive, we believe it might be quicker and safer (particularly on restraint) than using top booms and then you only need to deploy one underlift to tow it away - great for keep your resources fee and available. We'll post other pictures as we do big stuff so you know how we get on!

Thanks for all the positive feedback so far.

Mark Mac


Jordan Coupland said:

Exellent job!! well done!
Thanks for Sharing


mushspeed said:

Well done Mark, you guys nailed it real good !!!.......... we used a pair of catch bags in a demonstration at the last telford Tow Show and I was impressed by the way they performed then,....... they especially come into their own with restricted access like you had there..... keep em coming !!!


Scooby said:

just a note. in conversations with John (Matjack/Jumbo safe lift cushions) on our show schedule this year,

we are planning on doing demo's of the landing cushions this year at both the Midwest tow show in Ohio
and also I'm in the process of trying to set one up at the ESTRA show in Lake George this year

we where planning on trying to do a Florida demo, but as of current, it doesn't seem to be panning out
Matjackman said:
Nice job, thanks for posting. We actually have sets in Japan designed to do the same thing, bought for use in tunnels. Anyone interested in some, give me a call or send me an email. Thanks again.
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