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Single line 4x4 Wreckers


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In the market right now I am seeing so many "nice" 4x4 wreckers for sale, but they are single line units.


What type of wrecker dealer / towing company has a handicapped wrecker built?

If you need a 4x4 unit, then you need 2 winches.  They go hand in hand to me.

What am I missing ?


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Agreed, how much more $$$ is it for a dual winch on a $80-90k truck, $2k? Seems silly losing a sale for $2k. I had mine built new because I couldn't find a 4x4 Miller truck anywhere on the ground to the specs I wanted.

Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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Quality Dealers build units what a knowledge an marketing sense for this industry. Entry stock unit one winch or non. Higher Unit Two Winches. I can run a truck with one winch I did 100's of winch outs with a Century 411 one of the best trucks I ran. Had the low profile boom you could see over. But, once you get dual winches your spoiled. I am positive there are numerous dealers with stock units, I just have not noticed.


Maybe one of our valued dealers will comment...


Seems most are still getting use to the New Message Board.

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I used to run a holmes 440 unit and having another winch is like night and day difference. I am sure manufacturers are looking at cost savings for a selling point and on trucks that don't do winching very often I see the point, but for dealers putting them on 4x4 chassis' doesn't seem right

George - - Moore's BP
We'll see you on down the road

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