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Poly material Q & A

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Topic Originally Created in March of 2016:


You might have noticed the increase in the polypropylene material being used in the towing industry.  With our 30 years of experience in the plastic industry, we figured it would be a good time to answer the poly questions of the Tow411 community.

Please submit any and all questions you may have about polypropylene.  We look foward to hearing from you!



dperone asked:

What about getting hit by a car or truck? If it is damaged, how easy is it to replace only damaged sections, i.e. is it all one piece or modular?


Polybody Replied:

Excellent question dperone!  Just a few months ago we fixed a 16 ton that was in an accident.  Most times, the actual panels do not break it the welds and it’s just a matter of fixing these welds.  Depending on the size and length of the body it is built in modular pieces, if they are too damaged to be repaired just the modular section is replaced.

Mike Hill of Glenn’s Wrecker Service in Tennessee bought a Jerr-Dan 16 Ton Wrecker at a New Jersey auction. The truck had a Poly-Gen™ body and the left side was damaged in an accident and was in need of repair. He contacted the truck manufacturer and he was told he can buy a new body. After visiting the UPF booth at the AT Expo in Baltimore, he realized he could have the damaged body fixed, and not have to replace it. Mike made arrangements with Risoldis Automotive of New Jersey to remove the damaged side of the body and ship it to UPF Massachusetts. UPF’s Service Tech’s fixed the damaged body in no time! The body was sent back to Risoldis Automotive to be painted and mounted back onto the chassis. Mike was thrilled as the cost to repair the body was 1/3 of what it would have cost to replace!



Thinking of replacing your rusted steel body?  Save on weight and replace with the UPF Poly-Gen™ replacement PolyBody™. 

Our polypropylene is approximately 20% lighter than bodies fabricated from steel! 

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