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Dodge Doing A Wheelie!


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Topic Originally Created Easy Out in October of 2015:


Recently bought an old Dodge wrecker with a 600 Holmes on it.  Good start for a restoration, also figured to use it ot moves some project trucks around. Not much of a wrecker operator, have used a log skidder though! 

Moved a couple medium duty trucks with no effort.  Then I hooked onto the Ford/Pierce fire/crash truck.  It weighs about 22,000 - with about 11,000 of that on the steer.

I raised the booms so the ends are ahead of the back of the wrecker, hooked up and started lifting.  The old 600 lifted it at idle, no problem.  However I figure the weight of the Ford took about 2500 lb off the steer axle of the wrecker, it backs-up great, but not enough weight to steer going forward.

Any suggestions or is this just too much tow for the 10,000 lb Dodge??  My other question is that as yo can see, the tow bar is above center due to the bumper height of the 4 x 4 Ford, is that a problem in backing it up a ramp into the shop?  How does one figure how must weight in the hook is safe?





EdsTowing tubegreen.gifsaid:

This was the general formula developed by the US Army for Safe Towing Capacity and was designed with trucks like yours in mind...

STC = 1/2 the Front axle weight of the tow truck multiplied by the wheel base of the tow truck divided by the overhang of the tow truck (overhang is from the center bogie or rear axle measured to the end of the sling or center line of the attachment if forking the front axle of towed vehicle with a under reach/wheel lift). 

As for this tow...Every man must know his limitations....and you met yours!


Easy Out said:

Thanks Ed.  Good info.  That puts my lifting limit at about 5000 lb.  Makes total sense.  

I basically flat towed the fire truck, with about half the weight off of the steer.  It tracked fine around the plant.  I tied the steering wheel when it came time to back up, and raised the front so the tires still had a little weight on them,  managed to get it where it needed to be tucked away in the shop without too much effort.

Where should the end of the booms be for normal loads?

Thanks Again.


EdsTowing tubegreen.gifsaid:

s you will notice, nowhere in that formula does it say about boom height or where the boom is mounted. That's because it doesn't matter. Set your boom at the height that allows you to use blocks in the lines hooked to the sling in the case of towing something heavy. Remember the "load" is on the rope so it needs to be protected.


Borotow tubeyellow.gif said:

Cool old iron, both the wrecker and the FT.   


Turbo4whl said:

Was that Raymond's old Dodge you have pulling the "C" series Ford pumper out of Lukens Steel?
Wayne - SE Pennsylvania
redtoprecovery tubeyellow.gif said:
I'd say you met your match with that one. But golly you have one nice looking truck!
PlanBtransport said:
Definitely makes for a great photo opportunity.
Easy Out said:
turbo4whl,  Sorry I didn't see your post when you put it up.  Not sure about all of the history of the old Dodge.  I bought it from a guy out around Harrisburg if I remeber,  he hadn't had it very long.  It was at a couple shows out east over the years on a dropdeck it I remember the pix.  354 Hemi and a 5 x3 with a 2-spd rear end, and straight air.  Pretty nice piece.  I rebuilt the carb, new plugs, changed oil & filter.  Both trans' leak, pinion seal leaks, 2-speed doesn't shift. etc.  The Holmes works ok,  needs free-spooling brakes though.  If you know a previous owner, hook me up/
bob graham said:
height of the boom is not important , Holmes have a brake for freewheeling , they need to be adjusted
tetow said:
The height of the boom matters. your cables should be straight down as close as 90 degrees with the ground so when you turn right or left your tow bar will stay straight and not cause to twist the casualty..................
Turbo4whl said:
Hi EasyOut, That may be Sanner's Towing old Dodge. Raymond got out of the towing business. First he sold the small wreckers, then later got rid of the heavies. He kept his old Dodge for a while. If you send me a message with the vin, or post it here I'll find out if it is the same truck.
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