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The Is Why We Have DOT Enforcement

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Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to the Martha's Vineyard ferry landing down in Woods Hole for an overloaded ramp truck towing a 1 ton dump truck, with an unsecured load. They stated that there was so much loose trash inside these vehicles that they wanted the vehicles lifted up and put into a container because they were in no shape to be towed. We responded with the 60 ton rotator and an autocar dump trailer provided by Murphy's Towing to the Woods Hole Ferry Docks. Upon our arrival, we discovered quite a unique situation. The fellow operating the ramp truck just tied knots in the chain holding the front axle of the dump truck to the tow bar, and the tow bar had no attachments even on it. The load was full of very type of junk you can imagine, hanging out of the vehicles, debris was falling as he drove off of the ferry onto the dock. The ramp truck was a 25 GVW gas job and had 2 crushed vehicles on top of it full of scrap, with a couple of straps holding it on. On the hood of the jeep was a car rear end just laying there. The wire rope on the winch line was completely destroyed. The ramp truck had bald tires and the truck he had in tow was the same deal. We lifted the two vehicles off with our rotator and set them in Murphy's dump trailer. We secured the load in the 1 ton dump then lifted the 1 ton dump up onto the ramp truck, then towed both back to our location with the rotator. Then Murphy's dump trailer dumped the cars off here followed by a pile of debris. This is the second time this week taht the operator has been caught doing the same thing.




























kw5030 said:

Glad that did not happen on a public X-way doing 55 mph. That could of been bad.



brostow 13 said:

Okay I've looked at this about 10 times and I can't for the life of me figure out what in the name of God is holding the dump truck on the tow bar .It sure as heck isn't that chain ,I wouldn't use that to hold my dog .he did use his tag lights ....let me guess they didn't work .....lol.Never ending story .
Good job Big Wheels crew.


MTA415 said:

I normally don't call people names BUT THIS GUY IS A ****!!! They oughta take away this a$$h@l#$ license and newter him so he don't contaminate the rest of the local population!I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
kstone said:
Eric I really have to ask but why would you take the chance lifting bolth of those cars at the same time .It seems like a big chance. From what I can see the two cars are not "tied" together?
Kevin Stone - A&M Towing & Recovery
BigWheelRecovery said:
Kevin, I didn't want to seperate the car because there was so much junk it was easy to lift the two together believe me i had them under control with the rotator .
you just had to be there the job went very smooth. thank eric
midnight mitch said:
I still can't believe the cable pics. Some people just do not care about safety at all. Good thing he got caught. Maybe he will quit, or at least quit being reckless. Did someone report this, or did enforcement see on regular patrol?
Mitch Lopina
Mitch's Auto Repair & Tow
Oakdale, Ca.
Casey Burrows said:
I know this doesn't relate to the subject line, but could you please tell us what all you have mounted to the top of your tunnel box? looks like cord reels and an air compressor. That is one impressive and beautiful truck!! Thanks for the pics.
BigWheelRecovery said:
Yes we do have a dump a dump trailer and our own roll off containers . but we like to use our good friends in the tow bis like Murphys they are great friends and they call us to help them all the time so were return and call them to give us a hand we work very well with the tow guys in the area so they can make some money as well THANKS ERIC .
Joe I get a lot of request for our t shirts but I don't think I ever posted a picture of one.You know they might be ugly an you will just have another oil check rag hanging around,well next week I'll post a picture you can be the judge. thanks BOB
njchuck said:
Question DID YOU GET PAID? cuz if you did all this work and the guy said F-U then he would have to go through the crusher with his pices of s#&t!
BigWheelRecovery said:
Chuck we have the 2000 Sterlin an a 53 foot 2005 loboy in storage so I'm pretty confident we 'll get paid. THanks again BOBbigwheelsig.jpg
Slim Santa said:
I have seen so pretty poor cable on a flat bed before, but that had to take the cake. AlDakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
BigWheelRecovery said:
Update: We got paid plus we junked the junk, it was touch an go but we prevailed ,thanks BOB
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