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Teamwork with the Tator

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Topic Originally created in October of 2007:


Got a call from the fellas at A & B towing for a little help with a lift last week. The driver of an empty semi was going to the truck wash and forgot to set his brakes before getting out. He noticed the rig rolling away but instead of hitting the brake pedal when jumping back in the rig he pulled the park brakes instead. The delay let the rig go just off the edge of the lot and overhang a small canal that eventually connects to the Columbia River. The fuel tanks are what is supporting the front of the rig in the first picture. No fluids spilled and he was able to drive away.


We had removed the bumper cover and placed 4X4s between the strap and frame to clear the hood.


Sorry no shot of the lift because I went around to direct the operator of the A & B truck when to pull as we lifted the nose and swung the boom. The red and white truck is a new edition to Eric's fleet and the hand painted graphics are amazing.


It took longer to write the bill and get the EFS check than it did to complete the recovery.
Craig said:
Nice work Gale.. I bet you're loving that tator..
In the spirit of looking at things in a different light..
I wonder if you had considered tipping the hood and hooking to the front axle outside of the frame.. I seems you would've had enough boom length and height to clear the cab. Plus, the bumper could've stayed on also.
Thanks for sharing,
Da Wash Boss said:
i guess the driver learned you wash the truck in the wash bay not in the canal. nice looking trucks great job. I was curious about tipping the hood as well for a lift point.
Danny Cassello
Gale25yrs said:
We looked at tipping the hood but they tell me there was too much stuff mounted outside the frame rail on the right side to make the lift without having a spreader bar brought out.
Scott Burrows tubegreen.gif said:
What, with all those tool boxes, the spreader bar isn't in one?
MTA415 said:
On the Vision even with a spreader bar you still have to remove the air intake from the filter housing. Chain/wire rope will make contact although lighty. I tend to err on the side of caution and take it off as drivers tend to get jumpy when you start messing with stuff under the bonnet.I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
Singh WM060340 said:
How about since you had two HDs out there, back one each side of truck, strap the front wheels, and "slingshot" it between the two units?
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