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Loaded B Double- Airbaggin  

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Originally Posted in August of 2010:


This one occurred last week north of Gympie. Both trailers were fully loaded with fruit and vege. Separated the B trailer by winching it backwards on the slippery grass.Lifted our Dolly into place. It air bagged up easily and the tow truck hardly even did anything for it to come back onto its wheels. The A trailer caused some stress as it had a slide box and the front mounts had broken off and shifted off the chassis's. They bagged the box back into place, but had trouble finding decent points to tie the box onto the chassis with. On way onto it's wheels the box slipped across so it come onto its wheels with box not totally on and to one side. Used the Mat Jacks to lift the box and pulled it back into place. Another learning curve and several chats on how we could hold the box to the chassis with slider A Trailers with future jobs. All in all, very few hic ups and only 6 boxes of fruit were lost when unloaded in Brisbane.




mrtruckworks said:
well done guys looks like a truly profesional job , only thing you need now is the landing bags got a 3 bag set here this week  thats not sold  ring i will give you a good price$ MAKE SURE YOU CHARGE HEAPS YOU SAVED THE LOAD WELL DONE
peelman said:
Very nice job Mike Looks like your really getting the hang of them bags.Text book stuff sometimes you think your getting nowhere with them then you work them into the right position and you get real progress.Save a sore back unloading.
Scooby said:
looks nice... even the upside down bag...lol

tks for posting
Claytons Towing said:
lol...I didn't I spot that in the pics, I will be able to have a laugh at the boys when I bring that up tommorow...
Scooby said:
all in good fun my friend... if that was the worse thing to go wrong with that job... i wouldn't worry. looks to be a great job
Gale25yrs said:
Leave it to a "Bag Man" to notice the details. 

Very nice job.

 I had never seen a trailer frame like that. Does the box travel back on the frame to reach a loading dock???
Claytons Towing said:
That is correct, drop the B Trailer and move the A Trailer Box back to the dock.

Also when unhitching the A Trailer off the Prime Mover when there is no B Trailer on they slide the box back otherwise it tips front first over.

Worse part is when they tip over or even flex bad the mounts that hold the box onto the subframe they can easily break.
scooby said:
I was talking about ya at class this past weekend gale.

I still, to this day, use that pic you gave me of the holes that where dug out for you on that one job u where called out on.

nothing gets me more excited then a good bag job...... unless we are talking about when I went "Hollywood" and dated Rachel Ray
Ron Pullen said:
The bag had a hole in the bottom so they turned it over to keep the air from running out.
Matjackman said:
       Just finally got a chance to get back out on the board and found this job. Scooby's right about getting the hang of it (and one bag being upside down), great looking job and I'm glad the equipment is working out for you and Lyndon's right about those landing bags. Just keep the posts coming, thanks again.
capptow said:
we used the landing bags at the class and they are the trick. nothing like 40k to 80k sitting down so gentle.


VulcanUK said:

Nice job as ever, i bet your glad you got those bags now far easier than unloading  those boxes.



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