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Motorized Picnic Table Impounded

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The American's have a similar bit of fun when participants attend, "Out House Races", held in cities like Ankorage, Alaska, Virginia City, Nevada, Gravel Switch, Kentucky, and others. That's right ... rolling shitter'z on wheels. They're not motorized, but take a push-crew and a driver for a sprint and foot race down hill. I've been to Virginia City's race where a historic mining town with a population of 850 regulars swells to tens of thousands during the champion finals. The town's entire main street is closed to vehicle traffic and the stree becomes a push-cart race track.The event was said to have started way back when outdoor plumbing was outlawed in Virginia City, its angry residents took to the streets with their outhouses in protect, and a tradition was born.





Randall C. Resch

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