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Lane Blockage

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Topic by SITTOW in August of 2009:
Called by Illinois State Police, said truck rolled on side blocking the whole southbound lane on Int. 39 -29mm. Told us to come north in the southbound lane. Sent 1 Rotator the way they wanted the 2nd came down the southbound side. Wheels facing northbound trailer loaded with 42,000lbs boxed frozen food. It was best to remove Tractor ( which was leaking fuel). So we had a way to get around the wreck. Trailer was damaged pretty bad, broken top rail and roof blown out. Told State Police if we slid it around the trailer would break the rest of the way and load would fall out. We suggested to the State Police, air cusions to save the load but we would have to do it where it sits. They said, " Get It Done!" It worked good, got load into yard and transfered to good trailer. As you can see from the pictures we had plenty of straps on the trailer to help hold it together.


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Andy35 said:
Looks like a good job to me. 683.gif That's a little different to me removing the dolly legs, but it probably sets up a little better, not having to push the load 4 foot up and over. Is that a ghost working in the last photo, or is he just that fast that the camera did not capture him?696.gif
Jerry's Road Service said:
Nice job Ive never seen cutting the legs off but looks like it set up well.
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca


Rotator60 tubebronze.gif said:

Yep..1st Class Recovery...Excellent idea in cutting the legs off....Hey..you guys going to be at Chattanooga in September.??..We need another late night stand up comedy routine by Eric from BWR..always entertaining..lol..


bandctow said:

Doesn't get any better then that! Good call on cutting off the landing gear.There not made to handle side pressure.

Lowboy79. There no need for a control line on the trailer. It loaded



RedPete said:

Like I said before " I would'nt want to be a tow company in your area" Very nice job!


wreckmster tubegreen.gif said:

Nice job.... This is a cool photo with the sticks in the air, the air cushions and the recovery supervisor... awesome....



dave lemke said:

nice idea of removing the dollies, but how did you catch the box when it came over as the lines all ran to the side with the bags, i would think that with all the load shift that it would have snapped when it came oover the top of the no return pivot?????
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