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Switching Methane Generators

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Received a call from a customer that operates the methane gas power plant at the Taunton Landfill stating he had a to remove one of his 17,000 lb CAT motors from the power plant which is a low entry building, bring it out of the building, set it down on a slab, then lift up and carry in the new CAT motor to be put in its place.


Apparently these methane powered CAT motors run 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week at full throttle, strictly on methane gas which is a byproduct from the landfill.


The power from these generating units runs a very large complex. This was a very tedious job where as removing it there were quite a few overhead pipes and a lot of critical wiring and transformer units. Basically, the motor had to be lifted gingerly and slid out between all these obstacles, and then placed on the wheelift to be transported about 60 yards away from the building this was accomplished by leaving the motor attached to the crane with the crane holding about 1/3 of the weight then we drove across the yard leaving the outriggers about an inch or two above the ground for stability then we had to repeat the same just in reverse with the new motor.


The entire process took 3 hrs and the job was completed successfully without incident.




































MNPOOL said:

Nice job. Now what all do you have on top of the toolbox ?



unknown member said:

hey bob did you have to reinfoce the tool box to mount your equipment on it or is the toop strong enough? When you lifted over the cab how did the truck react did the rear seem light, did you have the front wheels off the ground,if not did you notice if the front axle took any or alot of load looking at your pictures I never noticed all your extra gear on the box but man a,m i impreesed that truck is ready to rock and roll.


BigWheelRecovery said:

Yes we added a stainless steal plate under all of the equipment to make the box stronger and i left the front end on the ground because it was lifting the rear up believe me i was at max with that engine off the front but it worked out very well i do love my miller but i wish it was about 30000 lbs heavier to stay put but they have an awesome truck but people got to relize i don't tow with my tater much so weight don't matter to me and i dont have scales to deal with . THANKS ERICbigwheelsig.jpg


Dave at Richs said:

Hey Big Wheels was that Charlie from Minnesota Methane that you where working for? If so we have worked with him a few dozen times around Ohio doing the same type of work on thoses methane plants. Nice job! Some time you will have to give me your secret on how you keep your truck looking so good.


xcessiveforce52 said:

I have wondered and also asked if anyone from Miller can tell us , what are we doing to these rotators when we work them off the steer axle.....I will personally do everything possible not to work my truck over the frnt. ,in 15 yrs. of operating a tator I never have, glad to hear what you said Bigwheel,"your rear got lite,had to keep frnt. end down" goes to show how much more weight was added to the steer axle, never the less to the frame behind the cab(the tators reinforced frame stops behind the cab)remember you add the boom weight,along with your lifted load. Please, dont take this as criticism,I just would hate for something to be happening to these frnt. ends and later be driving down the road and have a failure to your STEER axle....as always your post and trucks look sharp...stay safe.....


BigWheelRecovery said:

i did not over load the front axle all i did was lower my front out riggers just so the front was touching the ground because the rear was a little lite it changed the pivot point about 12 feet and i know as well as you that 17000 off the front wasn't to much for the frame. thanks eric .


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