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Brand New Fire Engine Almost Rolled Over

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Received a call from dartmouth fire district to respond immediately out into the far end of dartmouth for one of their brand new $400,000 pumper trucks that just went off the edge of the dirt road and might have caused some damage underneath to the valves and the piping system. We responded with our 60 ton rotator. Upon arrival, we observed the piping that goes for the front and rear hose hard on the ground. We decided the best way was to lift the entire truck up and then winch it backwards to get it back onto the road. We had the FD empty all the water out of it, we raised the cab up, chained the frame, lifted the truck up on the side of the motor and winched the rear end back over onto the road. This way here by elevating it we didn’t do any damage to the under carriage. It was put back in service immediately.













danielswt said:

very nicely done. did you keep the brakes locked on it to controll the movment better?



BigWheelRecovery said:

yes i left the brakes locked so i could controll the engine and the vec came out the way i was pulling

with the rear strap . the job went very well and the fire dept was very happy .



bigtow00 said:
Good job, good lookin' truck. My only concern is that fireman in pic #8 standing 5' from you wire rope. Just goes to show you can't control everything.
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BigWheelRecovery said:

The fire man was not there when i was winchin he walked over there when i put the remote down so i could check the rigging if you look close the remote is on the back of the tater . i have to say the guys on tow 411 dont miss a trick . but some times very very quick to judge . but we dont mind that is why we post . THANKS ERIC ...bigwheelsig.jpg


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