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What would you do "safety discussion 3"


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NationalAuto said:

Which problem first?

Appears to be a light duty carrier with a 10 or 12K bed and standard wheel lift likely rated at 3500 or 4000 pounds. Any or all of that is a problem while towing this RV

Also, nothing on the bed in the way of a counter weight. Some bed manufacturers tell us NOT to tow w/ wheel lift unless bed is loaded. I bet stopping this is a bear.

And I only see one light duty safety chain that I can see.

I see no light cord so it is either out of view or they are wireless, I hope.

Did they pull the drive shaft? Looks like axle shaft on this side has not been removed, ie: no oil I can see.

To their credit, the one wheel grid I can see does have a strap. Few towers in this area are aware that straps are required.


RLC4523 said:

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.............and I agree w the first comments.


BigWheelRecovery said:

I'M sure the tow company thought they were towing something like a Dodge camper front unit an traveled out there an this is what they found. We along with every other tow co. are asked how much to tow our camper, it's a small one, when you get there your caught an driving back for the goose you loose.Your driver calls back an you say OWell hook it an then call me when you see how it looks if not to bad come in easy. Now with a ramp truck an a vehicle on the wheel lift the ramp has a long extention from the rear axles so the camper will move up an down quite a bit compare to a wrecker where the wheel on the tow truck are all the way back. On the ramp hook up the camper tail end with hit the pavement if the truck just goes over a slight crown in the road or driveway, that's only a couple of safety problems with this I'll name a few more after other add to it. Thanks BOB 
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Sirknucklehead said:
At least he didn't put it "on" the bed, I've seen that. Agree with the above posts.
hti said:
what would you estimate the weight to be on a motor home that size ???
NationalAuto said:
My "guess" is 8800#
RLC4523 said:
   No at least in Oregon that length combo would be no different than if it was behind our Medium duty and as for weight I think 8800 is underestimated probably looking at closer to 10-12000# I am guessing that MH looks to be a 24ft or so. Also for that RB to pick that MH the wheel lift would have to be so close to the tail board that there would be little to no turning room and I still can't imagine what the stopping capability would be if any when/if they started down the road.

And as for the showing up thinking its one thing and finding out its another we have no problem calling for the correct truck or walking away. The amount of money you would charge for this tow would never cover the potentail damage that will be done to the RB.
NationalAuto said:
You are probably closer on the weight than I am.

We would walk away from this too, on a rollback. Our reasoning would include the damage to our equipment but our first concern would be that with all that weight on the stinger, steering and braking are too compromised to even consider doing this job.
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