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Friday Morning Flip  

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Topic Originally Created by Beau Bach Towing in July of 2009:


Received call from Mass. Tpk Autority at 6 am Friday july 10 stating they had a rolled tractor trailer loaded with 30,000 lbs. of pallets and diesel fuel leaking from the fuel pump. We responded with our 60 ton rotator, V-70, Service van and 14 ton medium duty wrecker connected to our air bag trailer. When on scene we stopped the gravity leak by syphoning the fuel into a 55 gallon barrel. We then lifted the loaded trailer with air bags and proceeded to attach the recovery straps in a cross pattern while traffic was still flowing to the toll booth. Once we were rigged we shut down the lane and moved the two wreckers into place and then proceeded to lift the truck and trailer while using our medium duty sterling as a control vehicle. We had the ramp closed down for only 10 min. Truck was loaded and ready to be moved by 9 am.











Gale25yrs said:

Pretty lucky having the pole under the trailer and the slope of the ground making it easy to get starters and bags under it. Nice job all around.


BigWheelRecovery said:

Nice job guys to bad i could have done that with my flat bed just kidding you know where i got that from Beau. Very nice way to break in your air bags we love our havent used them in a while ,but they are worth there weight in gold. Thanks for posting a real nice bag job ,now you got to clean them all off and get ready for your next job because as you know they come in threes . thanks Eric
Claytons Towing said:
Nice recovery , in the fourth photo the airbags are in a different position to the sixth picture, why did you have to move them. We have just bought the same kit and trying to learn what we can about them. Cheers Mike
Beau Bach Towing said:
Good question Mike Clayton , we started from the rear due to a gap and worked are way to the front where the heaviest part of the load was ,also the side wall was pushing out in the front because the upper rail was broke. Eric, that's ok i know i didnt miss anything, and David i would have rather have done the bridge job you guys got than the burner . BEAU


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