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Dashcam video of 401 crash shows need for drivers to pay attention, tow truck driver says

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Owner of Metro One Auto Services Inc. relieved no one was killed in the crash



A Toronto tow truck driver whose dashboard camera captured footage of a car crashing into a truck on Highway 401, injuring three people, says the video shows there is a need for drivers to slow down, move over and pay attention.


Adil Kanan, owner of Metro One Auto Services Inc., a 24-hour towing service based in Toronto, said the 25-second video shows a collision that occurred on Saturday at about 7 p.m. in the west collector lanes of Highway 401 west of the Port Union Road on the left shoulder or the fast lane. The camera is attached to his tow truck.


"The white Lexus, travelling westbound at highway speed, literally just drove right into them," he said. "After seeing this firsthand, I am strongly of the opinion that this driver was not paying attention, 100 per cent."


"This is another strong example of why drivers need to be more aware of emergency vehicles on the highway. This video, it just supports the campaign that the OPP and the agencies are doing over the weekend, trying to get the message out to people to slow down and move over," he said.


"We are putting our lives at risk being on highway."


Kanan parked his tow truck in front of the truck after he arrived at the scene. He said the truck was sideways on the highway, with its front end touching the guardrail, after it had been rear ended in what was a minor crash. The truck was hit by a vehicle that failed to remain.

A man was standing beside the vehicle. Inside the truck, there was a woman in the driver's seat and another man in the front passenger seat.


He said he approached the three people but was told they already had tow truck services. Then he returned to his truck, called police about the crash, and witnessed the ensuing collision.


In the video, a white car crashes in the truck, sending debris and the man on the highway flying.


Kanan said the video is shocking but he is relieved no one was killed in the crash, though all three people involved were taken to hospital with minor injuries. 


"This could have easily been prevented," he said. "Had this driver been paying attention... even if he was not able to move over, he could have at least slowed down, well in advance. There was a lot of ample time. I observed this ahead of time, which is why I braced myself for the impact."


Kanan posted the video on Facebook and Instagram. He said his tow truck was damaged in the crash.

"It's a little bit scary," he said.




It all happens in less then a few seconds, what would you have done first pro active and second re active?

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So, if I  am correct, the operator stopped to solicit the wreck, and was informed that there was a tow on the way. The crash was not avoidable, but the wrecker being damaged was 100% the operator's fault. There was no law enforcement present, The operator should not have placed himself, or his company in this situation.

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