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Rollover without a recovery truck! "Check Out the Video"  

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Original Topic created by mcallisters in May of 2009:


Hi Guys

Thought I'd post some snaps from a demonstration we did in Nottingham with our new air bag system which generally allows you to do a rollover without the need for a truck. Hopefully doing a similar exercise this weekend so will get some vid's as well as pictures of both sides in action.

Something a bit different, what do you think?


Mark Mac
We had a great day on Sunday weather wise and I managed to get some video of the catchbags in action, just to underline though the rotator is in place that was for putting it back on its side, the rotator was not used as part of the righting process - just air cushions and catch bags.


deserthook asked:
is that a control line over the top of the trailer? your lift bags are able to inflate to a greater height than most? hence no winch assistance needed? how do the bags remain in place at the peak of the arc?
looks really cool, thanks for the snaps.
Mcallisters said:
Deserthook - the strops were in place from a previous demo with two trucks and for winching the vehicle back onto its side. Yes the yellow striped bags go up very high and enough to take the vehicle past the point of pivot, because the bags all blow up on a linked valve system the pressure finds its on centre and will keep all the bigger bags in place until its onto its wheels. Will try and get some shots from the lift bags side this weekend.
Finally got round to editing the video to fit on Youtube - this is the demo day we did in Nottingham using the catchbags that the photos above are from.

Its a bit more stable than the other video - and shows the catchbag system at work really well.



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