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Tanker Rollover - Catchbags  

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Original Topic Created by Mcallisters in March of 2009:


I wasnt on this job as i was on holiday - my brother has had the chance to use catchbags for the second time. The did a fully loaded sewage tanker on its side on a steep slip road onto a main highway. The used a combination of cushions and the tator to bring it up and then restrained it only using the catchbags. The slip road as a real bad negative camber - apologies its only video as soon as I get the pix I will post them.

P.S. The cameraman complained he was getting wet that was why the footage goes a bit skewy in the middle but i think you get the idea



kwhook6 said:

the very first time I saw those bags in use at a training seminar, both of them were cut by brake parts !!! I hope they reinforced the tops some how ??? Thanks for sharing.


harrys said:

Looks pretty cool. Where can I get some of those


brett holcombe said

The concept seems cool but the damage that seems could possible occur could be quite expensive replacing these things..



letsplay2 said:

Very nice job.. I have seen those catch bags in person and I am impressed with them...

Although I also do see how they can be damaged by a sharp pointed object.



Scooby said:

kwhook6, I'm curious what training seminar where you at that they where cut by brake lines. I ask only because if it where in the US, it would have to be one of my classes, as I do the factory training. There is no other authorized trainer for this product in the US except those on the factory team. Since I 'm the lead on those classes, I would most definitely know the bag (landing cushions) where damaged.....which leads me to this statement, to the best of my knowledge, I can't remember any landing cushions that where damaged at one of our training classes by brake parts.

The only classes that have been taught that the landing cushions where part of the class would be at Indy.

Not knowing who you are because there's no info in your profile, all I can gather is that you are from Jamestown NY area
Jamie Dougherty said:
Howie, If memory serves me right it was at the class we did in indy the class John debuted those bags in a class?
Jammer439  said:
We bought a set of catch cushions last year. They work great! If it looks like there might be something to catch the bag and damage it we put a thick mud flag on the top. Thats alot of weight that was also recovered, usually our catch cushions come down a lot slower.
kwhook6 said:
Scooby, let me start saying I think catch bags are a great product, they are very helpful item!
Yes, I saw them at Indy and maybe my memory is failing me. SORRY I did not mean to bash at all.
I own a set of gumbo cushions and work great!!My comment should have said be careful and safe!
SORRY Howie and John
Jeff98970 said:
The bags were first demo'd at an Indy class early fall of 2006 at Bruce Davis' place. No bags were damaged on any brake parts however one bag was sliced open by a piece of steel which had been bolted over the unloading port. The rear brakes were not applied and when the trailer wheels contacted the bag, the wheel rolled and pushed the bag into the plate. However the damage occurred as a result of human error and not a problem with the product and even with the slice in the bag it still lowered the load to the ground nicely.
The lesson from this is to always make sure the brakes are locked on any wheel which will contact a bag. I would also like to add, the only reason the bag was damaged was the sharpness and angle of the steel plate. There are no components on the braking system sharp enough to damage the bag. If you were to remove the tires completely and set the bags directly under the slack adjuster, the bag would still hold up, because, as the pressure increases in the bag the baffles ( three of them ) will open never allowing more then 1 or 2 psi. Not enough pressure to poke a slack adjuster through the bag.
Andy35 said:
Very well put Jeff.665.gif
BigRed60 said:
I've seen these before and they are awsome! Anyone who uses them-how do you bill for them? Is it billable?Did you guys buy them to make the recovery more professional? I have a lot of equipment simply because it makes my job easier or safer in one way or another. Please don't take my asking in any other way. I just would like to know. Its like we charge for our air bags but not the support truck. I am just pickin your brains on the idea.Thanx
Matjackman tubeplatinum.gif said:
emoticonthumb.gif Jeff was right, he was actually running the scenario for the class at the time of the "cut" from plate over the spillway. The bags not only continued to function for the class, but were actually inflated with the cut still un-repaired for cleaning the next day.
Being careful and cautious with any product is always the rule of the day, but these landing bags have proven over the course of the last 3 years they are extremely tough and can handle everything thrown at them. There are continuing classes, which will be posted under "training" here and are held in Indianapolis, I would invite anyone who has doubts to come and see first hand how this equipment works. I guarantee Howard and Jeff don't take it easy on any of the equipment. Contact me personally if you have any other questions, thanks.
Jeff98970 said:
That's a very fair question Joe, and one which gets asked allot. We use the bags on most uprights but we only invoice for them on jobs where the placement of a control vehicle is limited and we charge them out at about half the price of the air cushion's. The reason we still use them on non-billable jobs is 1) it keeps everyone in practice and the job looking smooth and 2) fire and law enforcement are usually very impressed and in some cases will actually request them. On a side note we invoiced enough for them that they were paid for in about 60 days from delivery. No other piece of equipment has done that for us in the past.
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