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Buying my first heavy

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Working with them now on buying the truck. They are a little hard to deal with they want to sell as is but are reluctant to fix the small things like lights and wireless remote so I will fly up there and check it out myself.

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I've been driving a truck with a Miller DTU on it and I think it is a very versatile unit for many things. Sure, you can't use it for the full recovery jobs but that's why we have other trucks as well. The company I work for is getting a second DTU to add to the fleet at the moment. We have a Rotator, 3 HD trucks, a tractor with a ramp deck trailer, and the 1, (soon to be 2 DTU's). We have the truck for the job but most of the tractor only tows, especially swaps or distance runs go to the DTU or the smaller of the HD trucks.

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