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74 Brockway with a Kemp conversion


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Originally Posted to Tow411 in August of 2013:




Voight21 tubeyellow.gifsaid:

Very nice. Need more pictures.


Jerr Dan John tubered.gifsaid:

X-2 more of the Kemp, What engine tranny combo?


RobertCAdam said:

Tough Looking Brockway/Kemps Unit!!! When was it converted,What year? Has it been restored or just taken care of??


Al tubered.gifsaid:

I bought this truck outside of Pittsburgh, pa and drove it 1250 miles back to Texas (did a lot of praying),  I actually bought it for the Kemps bed but after driving it that far without any real problems and looking at the old truck i decided to keep on the Brockway.

It has a 350 cummins with a 13 speed eaton trans. not sure when the Kemp conversion was done also it has an 35k NRC under reach on it.  The bed and underlift are in good shape ( i do need to get the boom up cylinders repacked).        Btw anyone have any tips on how to modernize the Hydrulic controls PLEASE feel free to let me know.
This is what it looked like when i bought it ( didn't look bad but  when it rained on the way back i found out the roof leaked among other things)

We had to do a good amount of sheet metal work on the cab (some areas had up to 3/4" of bondo on top rotten sheet metal, in some places they had screwed tin on top of the rusted out metal and floated it out with bondo)
I added an under dash a/c unit and have not finished the interior , but it need be it could run a call. 

This is definitely a work in progress but i think for what i do this will be a good truck.


dsc said:

Great looking truck! I always liked those Brockways...


hook206 said:

Great looking unit for sure you there.I am sure it will get the job done for you no problem.
HF IN BC - CANADA - WM 040496


Al tubered.gifsaid:

Well guys I've done several winch outs and one 18 wheeler wreck with the old girl and all I can say is MAN IS THAT KEMPS A BEAST !!!! I am really impressed with the winching power ..... winched out a 18 wheeler grossing 84k sunk to the frame without a problem.



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