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So in the old 411 there was a check in for each state here I may of not found it or there is none.


I'm posting here in Florida as in a few months I'll be making the jump out of Jersey (Joisey) to good ol Stuart Fl area. I'll be on the hunt for work I'm guessing mid to early October. I'm taking my lady down next week to be around on Thursday till Sunday next week 26th to the 29th but leaving early Sunday on a plane. I may stay towing if theres a great place to be. I may drive other trucks as I have my class A. Through the months I'll be looking deeper I may show my head next week in a few places just to have a feel.


If there is any good places that would welcome a hard working, safe individual who will have a sheet full of professional references (shop accoints) that I've work with since 2010 I sure would like suggestions. Can do MD duty and willing to learn more HD towing. Can do LD towing in a flatbed and wrecker, police towing, plus exotic cars we used to tow daily for a local exotic car club. Even dispatched weekends and weeks when the boss went on vacation was kinda a manager without the title. It's looking more real as the days click got my plane ticket to come back to Newark today so it's real and by October I'll be down in Florida.

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Ha.... things change like the weather. So this post is not relevant anymore. Unless in a few years maybe I'll get to Tampa my old grandpas house. Will see then.

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