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TowForce by Tow411.net Pledge Drive July 11 - 14, 2018

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OK, I will keep this simple. This community relies on Both Sponsors and Patrons to keep it going. Always has and likely always will. Yes, I know some of our current supporter have not been invoiced this year. I am getting those out when I can find the time to devote to it.


This topic is for members who do not currently have a Patron Status. So how this works is the members pledges to become a Patron I, II or III prior to the end of 2018. A Patron Bar will be added when the member posts to show the member is a supporter.


Add your reply to the topic and a Pledged Patron Level. Each day a name will be drawn for a random Tow411 T-shirt. That's right there are no funds due at this time and yes you can create equipment listings as to the level chosen.


Patron I - "1" pre-owned equipment listing.

Patron II - "3" pre-owned equipment listings.

Patron III - "7" pre-owned equipment listings.


This is a Pledge Drive to add new supporter level members. Those funds support events and cost of the board.


TowForce needs funds to participate at Tow Summit, Tennessee Tow Show and Midwest Tow Show. Baltimore is in the works.

We would also like to add the Southern Tow Expo in Gulf Shores to our schedule. Do not see that happening but we can hope as those attending will see TowForce out in Force.




If you sign up as a supporter before Midnight EST July 11, 2018 I will get you a T-shirt in the mail before the end of the month. Much sooner, I would hope...




Wow, to look back and see I said I was going to keep this one simple.


Oh well, I made an effort. Hey, Towmanblue, how are those T-Shirts?





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I find it Odd that I attempt to give away t-shirts. But, not one non supporter makes a pledge to at least get a free t-shirt.


Not many hours remaining I'll throw all 4 t-shirts into the last day. That means 4 pledges 4 t-shirts, your choice poem or prayer.

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