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Topic was originally created in May of 2008:


Job from Wednesday tanker loaded with waste water from the tip.Tanker was buried into the ground liftted the rear with the tator then lifted with the cushions to make space for the strops once lifted with the cushions the hatches were opened and the water sucked out made for a easier job.











canadiantowman said:
nice job guys, thanks for posting pics
Gary Sienk said:
Looks like a good job, but I hate the part where you have to clean up all that mud, so isn't that where the young new guys come into play. Did that water stink?
Eds Towing said:
Looks like a nice, messy job. That rotator is a tough looking unit.

I was curious. With the current economic status of the USA, is American equipment cheaper over there when the exchange rate is factored? Years ago where I worked we imported quite a few Boniface units and at one point the price was so good that Jim bought 6 or 7 of them due to the exchange rate.
rotator60 said:
Very nice recovery..Thanks for sharing..
peelman said:
Gary the company did there own clean up as they are a waste management company.Water did stink.
Ed at the moment miller are selling lots of equipment in the uk because of the exchange rate but our biggest cost is our fuel at about $12.00 a gallon and going to increase and about 70 odd % of that goes to the goverment in tax. SHOCKING.
AZtowKING said:
Just wondering why you needed your boom so far out, It was obviously heavy and the air bags were needed. So why place your truck in such a weak position................................
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