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air cushions 08-08-2008  

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Topic originally created by cardinaltowing in August of 2008:


customer called with overturned t.t. loaded used 60 ton rotator, 5030 and air cushions to upright. loaded with 41,000lbs of misc car parts. job took about 3 hrs to upright. once trailer was up the load had to be reworked. after load was fixed towed whole unit to customers dock and let them off load then towed both to storage yard.08-08-2008003.jpg







cbdancer said:
How did the front of the trailer get crushed during the upright??
did somone pull faster than the other or did they try to upright it before the bags were inflated??
just wondering
George Jones www.advancedtowing.net
cardinaltowing said:
one pulled faster then the other
rotator60 said:
Great air cushion job..Very nice..
bandctow said:
nice job. i love seeing air cushion at work.there faster then offloading. they make you good money and they just look bad ass!!

PGhrist said:
The air cushions left the trailer by the load instead of wreckers lifting by the trailer!!! Less chances of lower wall blowing out and leaving load on ground with unit standing up!!! Hope this makes sense!!! Take care...
Scooby said:
ooks nice, tks for sharing
cbdancer said:
It was kindly pointed out to me that my post may have been taken wrong and i did not mean to come off like a smart ass

i apologize if it came off that way i meant no ill will

glad everything worked out alright and i hope my comments dont keep you posting other recovery's you have great equipment

and i am sure me and everyone else would like to see more of them

wstowing11 said:
Really nice air cushion recovery !!

I have heard of putting vehicle rims between the floor and chains on a belly support before, but never seen it done . How much , and of course it helps, but what brought you to try them in there . Don't worry about the crinkle in the nose roof section, seems to me something always buckles no matter how hard, no matter how careful you are.

With all that room at the roof line , I think I would have takin advantage of backing the wreckers right into the roofline and lifting from there with the air cushions . But the way the recovery was done really was correct for positioning, because we always do not have this room on the interstates.

I know this price wouldn't cover your recovery cost , but it would have been cool to charge them $ 8888.88 on 08-08-08 , just would have been memorable.
cardinaltowing said:
the reason that we didn't put the trucks on the topside of the trailer is the feild that the md is in was pretty wet and the trucks would have sunk. anytime that we upright a loaded trailer we always put the rims in and chain the floor.
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