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Thank You to MatJack and the Boys  

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Topic Originally Posted in June of 2008:


Just attended a great well informative airbag/rescue course in Indiana. Got to meet some great guys. The class was awesome and highly informative. We were show and demonstrated many different scenarios on the use of airbags,The highly qualified instructors were experts in there field and I highly recommend that you attend there class.We will definitely be seeing them again in the future and look forward to attending there level II class.Hats off to John Sweezy you have an awesome very versatile product.Gordon Curtis for sponsoring your place.Howard Eaga (Scooby).Jeff Martin(Canadian "A"),Ron Parrish and the rest of the crowd.What a great bunch of guys. Very Knowledgeable, It was great to meet some of the people from Tow 411.. We even cross trained with several fire fighters who were very much involved. Hope to see more of you guys. before the Baltimore show
Bob Miller (Tiger)
MatJackman said:
Thanks Bob for the kind words. We work very hard leading up to these classes to make sure everything is top notch, from the instructors down to the food.
I personally want to thank Gordon Curtis, Pam- his fiancee, and the entire staff at Curtis's Wrecker Service for doing everything that was asked and well beyond to make this a good experience for all the students.
Also, I would like to thank Howard "Scooby" Eagan, Jeff Martin "Diamond Towing", Bill Leonhauser "Penndel", Jamie Dougherty"Janeway Towing" and Ron "BIG RED" Pullin for doing outstanding instruction. When you have over 160 years of experience at a job scene and setting up these scenarios, you can't ask for more. My staff deserves a big round of applause, they worked around the clock to pull this together.
Finally, after it's all said and done if I can gauge how good the class was by how tired I am, then it was a huge success and if you missed it, there is no other class with this amount of information or instruction on the uses of airbags and cushions and I hope you consider next year if you are using or considering using airbags and cushions. Thanks again to everyone- I'm going back to bed

Jamie Dougherty said:
John, It was a great class...hands down. Gordon,Pam,Wes and the entire staff at Curtis Towing are outstanding people and now I consider them FRIENDS. I want to thank you, Johnny your son and everybody else at your place for the hospitality.

Any one that is considering the purchase of Air Cushions or uses them this course is a MUST HAVE. You will be amazed at what was accomplished.
PGhrist said:











JATS6-9208.jpg A Big "Thank You" to Scooby, Jeff, Ron, Billy, Jamie, The Curtis Crew, and everyone else that made this class very informative and well organized!!!
Take care everyone...emoticonthumb.gif
In Memory of Don44years who said:
Sorry I missed this class was told it was a very good class. Would have liked to worked a class with ron again.maybe next time
Scooby said:
sorry it has taken awhile to get something up, didn't get home until Monday night, then on out to Syracuse, in which we have been pretty busy.

I would like to thank all that attended, it was definitely a great class and I think we all had fun.

A thumbs up to Gorden Curtis and Wes along with the rest of the crew for the fine hospitality.

I have thrown up a few pics of a job the team did Friday Afternoon. We are in the middle of putting together a new instructional DVD to go along with the bags to keep up with the times. This trailer had the roof torn open, along with it being split in various places. And yes it was loaded. In fact some had come out of the roof in which we had to jam back in. As always, we like to prove a point, and that is wasting 5 hours in the heat running all those silly straps is....well tiring, hot, sweaty, and did I say exhausting???... lol, anyways, the team bagged it and used the landing cushions. We did not belly chain it due to the fact of showing how good the landing cushions work at softening the landing.

In addition to the instructional team of Big Truck Rescue, I would like to thank the following students:

Bob Miller (tigger), Ron Pullin from Big Red Towing, and Jamie Dougherty of Janeway Towing. These guys where paid students in the class that where hanging around Friday while we where doing this upright, and they voluntarily jumped in to give us a hand.....I just wanted to say thank you AGAIN, for doing so, as you surely didn't have to but it was very much appreciated






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