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Deliveries at your doorstep... literally

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We were called by our local post office this morning to help them out of a jam. The mailman pulled in the driveway to deliver a package and when he hit the brakes the truck slid on a sheet of ice, right through the garage door. The bumper came to rest right on the inside wall, preventing them from backing the truck out under it's own power.





I backed up beside it and hooked to the frame in front of the tire to slide it sideways, which was tricky as I was sitting on the same sheet of ice which caused the accident. I routed the chain under the truck and behind the tire, which allowed me to use it as a brake because the truck kept wanting to slide down the driveway due to the ice. once away from the way and clear of the remainder of the garage door the truck was driven away by the post master while I took the couple of damaged sections of the door down for the home owner.


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