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Kenneth Ray Davis - 10-06-34

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Hi All ... I am headed for Northern California on a 10-day ride with the mission of meeting the family of tow operator Kenneth Ray Davis, who was shot and killed on October 6th, 1934.


Davis is the oldest, recorded tow truck operator who was killed in the line of duty on a CHP impound during the Great Depressions nearly 84-years ago.


I wrote an article in American Towman Magazine in the May 2018 issue, beginning on page 8. You can find the article on AT Digital Magazine ... here's the link:



Upon my return, I'll be writing another article on the second half of this historic bit of towing history.


I've petitioned to the Towing & recovery Museum Wall of the Fallen to have Mr. Davis' name added to the Wall and that will happen in September 2018 in Chattanooga.


Pray for me as I ride through rush hour traffic for all of those poor souls seeking their way along the Los Angeles freeways.


Have a most wonderful weekend.

Randy Randall Resch
American Towman Magazine
Alpine CA.

Randall C. Resch

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Hi All … I returned yesterday afternoon from a 2,239-mile motorcycle ride to Northern California (round trip) to meet the three-time generational family of tow truck operator Kenneth Ray Davis, who was shot and killed while working a CHP impound in Chico, California on October 6th, 1934.


I spent an entire two days with Mr. Davis’ granddaughter and grandson at local sites including the Chico Cemetery, I visited the Chico History Museum, as well as visiting two houses Mr. Davis resided in. We also visited the grave site of CHP Officer William Riley McDaniel and suspect Nick Turchinetz … all buried in the same cemetery. The most interesting detail of this project is that the shooter shot his victims no more than 1,000-feet from where they are buried now.


Kenneth Davis’ story is an incredible one where I was able to provide details to Davis’ family that they didn’t know. All in all, it was a great adventure to share with the towing and recovery industry, and making Kenneth Ray Davis the oldest, known and confirmed, tow operator killed in the line of duty.


I’m proud to tell you that Kenneth Ray Davis WILL have his name emblazoned on the Wall of the Fallen this September in Chattanooga.


Most exciting is … Mr. Davis’ granddaughter and grandson will join my Christine and I when his name is announced. After 84-years in quiet hiding, Mr. Davis will finally be recognized for his unselfish acts of serving the law enforcement community. I’ll be writing another article in American Towman Magazine in a month or two to share all the details of our meeting.


Thank you all for your kind words of support and prayers as I traveled these miles. The Goldwing ran flawless and everything fell into perfect place. Also … while traveling; I’ve uncovered another bit of towing history of a closed towing business that’s reinvented itself.


Note: These are the kind of stories I live for.    R.



Randall C. Resch

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