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Rogelio Perez-Borroto - Tampa Bay, Fl. 02-15-16


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Tower Down Notification Originally posted by freshstart in February of 2016:




Tow truck driver killed on Howard Frankland Bridge had pulled over to help stranded motorists

Early Monday morning, Perez-Borroto, of Tampa, saw a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the Howard Frankland Bridge and pulled over, said Lou Moralez, owner of Lou's Total Car Care in Tampa. Moments later, authorities say, 43-year-old Perez-Borroto was dead and the driver who hit him sped away.

"He wasn't even on a call," Moralez said. "He put the people in the cab of his truck so they were safe and this is what happens to him."

The Florida Highway Patrol was searching Monday for the driver of the car that hit Perez-Borroto. Troopers say Allison F. Huffman, 36, was driving northbound on the bridge approaching the Kennedy Boulevard exit about 2:20 a.m. when the right front of her Volkswagen Passat struck Perez-Borroto while he was standing on the driver side of his Dodge Ram tow truck.

The flatbed truck was parked on the shoulder about a foot and a half inside the fog line and Perez-Borroto was standing near the line, said Sgt. Steve Gaskins, spokesman for the patrol. It was unclear whether he was standing inside or outside of the line at the time.

Huffman, of Riverview, kept driving after striking him but didn't go far, troopers said. Investigators found her Volkswagen later Monday morning at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on West Kennedy Boulevard, a couple of miles east of the crash scene. Huffman was nowhere to be found. A photo released by FHP showed heavy front end damage to the black sedan.

Gaskins said Huffman was last seen at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. She was in a cab and used the name "Beth."

Huffman has been arrested three times in Hillsborough on charges of driving under the influence — twice in 2002 and a third time in 2010 when she refused to submit to a blood alcohol test, county records show. She was found guilty of the 2010 charge and ordered to attend DUI school, records show.

It's not known if alcohol was a factor in Monday's crash.

Perez-Borroto was a married father who had worked for Lou's for about six months. He showed up to work early, stayed late and had a knack for calming down customers who were yelling mad, Moralez said.

"He was one of the kindest, good natured individual I've ever known," Moralez said, his voice breaking. "It's a horrible thing."

His message for Huffman: "Turn yourself in."

The crash comes amid the "Bad to Worse" campaign by the Florida Highway Patrol and Department of Motor Vehicles urging motorists to remain at the scene after a crash. The campaign also aims to raise awareness about the state's "move over" law, which requires drivers to change lanes to give wide berth to emergency vehicles with flashing lights. That includes tow trucks.

There were more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes in Florida in 2015 and more than 80 people were killed, according to state officials. Leaving the scene of a crash involving death is first-degree felony punishable by a minimum of four years in prison.

Anyone with information on Monday's crash is asked to call FHP at (813) 631‑4020.


Woman with 3 prior DUIs wanted in fatal hit-and-run on Howard FranklandFHP found hit-and-run vehicle, but not driverTAMPA - A tow truck driver has died after a hit-and-run on the Howard Frankland bridge early Monday morning. This crash was one of four fatal wrecks that same morning.

Florida Highway Patrol said they located the suspect vehicle a short time after the crash. They found the damaged black Volkswagen near the Crown Plaza Hotel, but the driver was not with the car. The vehicle sustained front-end damage, as pictured in the media viewer above. 

According to FHP, the driver of the black Volkswagen was 36-year-old Allison Faye Huffman of Riverview. Huffman has a long criminal history, mostly behind the wheel. Here are a few relevant items from her record:

  • 4/2002: DUI w/ injury or property damage (TPD)
  • 7/2002: DUI w/ suspended license (TPD)
  • 1/2003: Completed DUI school
  • 1/2008: Violation of probation for DUI (Pinellas Co.)
  • 7/2010: DUI w/ refusal to submit testing (TPD)
  • 12/2011: Completed DUI school a second time
  • 5/2013: Completed substance abuse treatment
  • 11/2013: Careless driving (Charlotte Co.)*

(*Careless driving was a citation. All others were arrests.)


Hit-and-run suspect last seen at Hard Rock Casino using alias 'Beth' CLEARWATER -- 

The Florida Highway Patrol has located a vehicle they say was involved in Monday morning's hit-and-run crash on the Howard Frankland Bridge that killed a tow truck driver.

The Florida Highway Patrol said it is looking for 36-year-old Allison Faye Huffman, 36, of Riverview. FHP spokesperson Steve Gaskins says after the hit and run, Huffman took a taxi to the Hard Rock Casino using the alias of "Beth."

Her 2012 Volkswagen Passat was found Monday morning in the parking lot of the Crown Plaza Hotel near Westshore Mall.

The two right lanes of the Howard Frankland Bridge heading into Tampa were blocked for hours early Monday after a tow truck driver was struck and killed while loading a car onto his truck. The driver left the scene.

The tow truck driver has been identified as 43-year-old Rogelio Perez-Borroto, who worked for Lou's Total Car Care.

The victim's boss said he wasn’t even sent to help the stranded drivers on the Howard Frankland Bridge. He did it to be kind.

“He just pulled over to help somebody. And if he didn’t put those two people in the truck, to make sure they were in a safe position, there could have been a lot more fatalities,” said Luis Moralez.

The stranded motorists said Perez-Borroto was assisting them and they were in the tow truck cab at the time of the crash. They said they did not see the crash but heard it.

Anyone with information about the crash or Huffman's whereabouts is asked to call the Florida Highway Patrol at 813-631-4020.

According to records, Huffman has three previous DUI arrests in Hillsborough County.

Perez-Borroto leaves behind a wife and a young daughter, who live in Venezuela. He came to the United States a year ago to make a better life for his family.

Hit-and-run awareness As the Bay area has a deadly morning commute on its roads, the Florida Highway Patrol is kicking off its annual statewide campaign to bring awareness of the problem of hit and run crashes. 

In 2015 Law enforcement officers across the state of Florida investigated 92,623 hit and run crashes where 186 people were killed. That number is up from 2014 where 85,155 hit and run crashes were investigated and 175 people were killed.


Allison Huffman, driver in fatal Howard Frankland hit-and-run, arrested in St. PetersburgSuspected driver had three prior DUIsTAMPA - A woman wanted in the hit-and-run death of a tow truck driver on the Howard Frankland bridge was found Monday night at a friend's house in St. Petersburg, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Allison Huffman, 36, of Riverview was taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

Officers received a tip that Huffman was at the Promenade Apartments at 540 Carillon Parkway, apartment no. 3069, and kept her there until troopers arrived and arrested her, according to St. Petersburg Police Department.



freshstart said:

Prayers and condolences to the family and crew from all of us @ C.T.S Towing & Transport.


Protower said:

Gods Speed and condolences to his family and coworkers.


katowman tubered.gif said:

Thoughts and prayers to family, friends and co-workers.


Jef said:

Scumbag. I hope she's found quickly and left to rot in prison.

My thoughts are with his family. Sounds like he was doing what most of us do on a daily basis. No lights, reflective vest or using the truck for protection will save any of us from selfish and irresponsible drivers.

No wonder there's a shortage of tow truck operators. It's an extremely dangerous job and we are given no respect by drivers on the road. Honestly, I've put thought into changing professions as I have three kids to come home to everyday. I doubt there's anything Perez-Borroto could have done differently that wouldn't have gotten him struck.

Again, my thoughts are with his wife and child.


freshstart said:

Jef I'm with you on it. I cross that bridge 3 to 4 times a day easily. These fools run across that bridge 85 or better when its 60. We all love what we do otherwise we wouldn't be doing it. This hit way to close to home. I spoke to 1 of our drivers that was out there and he was rattled pretty good. I run a heavy and my wife is a Dispatcher and she said to me this morning that it might be time tfor me to change careers. I'm really starting to think about it that's for sure. I hope they get her soon and hand her over to the wrecker driver and we can do more justice then the legal system can.


Alwaystowing63645 said:

Godspeed to Perez-Borroto, and prayers for the family.


mooresBP tubegreen.gif said:

Our thoughts and prayers go out....... I can't say anything else because I am so sad and so MAD!!


TowZone "Admin" said:

Thoughts and Prayers, we need to save the discussions for another topic. These topics are best for condolences and thoughts to the family of the fallen tower. However, I will say changing the way business is conducted on such roadways is what is needed. Changing careers is generally not an option for a true tow operator. They normally are not satisfied and end up back in a tow truck again within 18 months to 3 years. What is needed is the use of support vehicles, if those are companies vehicles then charge for them or refuse to work in such a dangerous environment/location. It's not like we cannot define what is hazardous as there is a common theme to 90% of the roadside deaths. Now, after a few days we'll take our thoughts to a separate discussion and vent this out. for now we say our thoughts to yet another brother in towing lost on the long road home. Gods Speed...


1800towsafe said:

Godspeed to Perez-Borroto, and our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


5towman said:

Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


freshstart said:

New update the driver was just detained at a friends house in St.Petersburg, Fl


Polyman tubeplatinum.gif said:

Our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family


On Time 2134 said:

With a heavy heart, I will keep my fellow fallen but never forgotten brother in my thoughts and prayer, I hope that the law catches up with this poor excuse for a human and actually make her pay for taken away one of the good ones, and to all my other brothers and sisters be safe out there doing what we all love till our last GOA. God bless us all so we can make it back to our family and friends.


TowMonster said:

My prayers go out to his family "Rest in peace my friend"


Eds Towing tubegreen.gif said:

Thoughts and prayers to family & friends. They caught this woman and it was reported that she had 3 previous DUI convictions....Go figure. 


LEMAR tubegreen.gif said:

Thoughts and prayers to his family & friends also the towing family and ever one involved in this sad moment in time. R.I.P.


nattow tubegreen.gif said:

Good morning all,
Thank you for your heartfelt condolences.  This is a dangerous career we have chosen but a full filling one also.  The funeral/memorial arrangements are being worked on and I should know something early this afternoon.  Roger was new to our brotherhood and had already been "hooked".  You all can reach me at any time @ 727-444-3911 (for talking) or 727-410-2911 (for texting/pic only). take care & be safe, ginger  


boltz tubered.gif said:

Thoughts and prayers to those involved.


cdntowguy said:

Deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and friends
Steve in Ottawa


nattow tubegreen.gif said:

 Hello all,
   This is the funeral/memorial information for our recent passing of a member of our brotherhood, Rogelio “Roger” Perez Borroto.  Roger was a tow operator from Lou’s Total Car Care in Tampa, FL who was killed in the line of duty on the Howard Franklin Bridge on 2-15-2016 around 2:22 AM by a hit and run driver.
   The “Life  Celebration” will be held this coming Saturday, February 20,2016  5 PM -8 PM at the Boza and Roel Funeral Home 4730 N Armenia  Ave, Tampa, FL 33606. Although the family wishes are that for the service to be somewhat private to the immediate family & extended friends, they welcome our brotherhood to attend.  It will be nice to keep this low-key.  Due to the time of night that the service is scheduled to end, we WILL NOT be doing a Tow Truck Procession. Unfortunately at 8pm or so, in the dark, our procession will not be visibly able to be seen & understood by the motoring public.  Add to that the safety factor of a large group of us taking over the roadways at night.  The family has requested that there be NO media present.  I will be notifying them this afternoon.  This information comes to me from Mr. Lou Moralez  owner/co-worker of Lou’s Total Car Care.
  As mentioned above, due to the time of the service we will be unable to do our normal Tow Truck Funeral Procession, HOWEVER,WE WILL BE DOING A MEMORIAL FOR ROGER ON SUNDAY FEBRUARY 28, 2016. What is being planned may have to be readjusted but for now this is what I feel would be a very respectful showing.  The current plan is; we will meet at on the Pinellas county side at the start of the eastbound lanes of the Howard Franklin Bridge .  We will have a staging area prior to the bridge where everyone can sign in, get arm/truck ribbons etc and them move out to the bridge. My plan is to have Lou’s trucks 1st in line and to have them park at the spot where Roger was killed, leaving a space for Rodger, then we will all line up behind them back to the beginning of the bridge. This would also help us bring attention to the Move Over Law.  BUT VERY POSSIBLY WE MIGHT RUN INTO A SAFETY/LIABILITY ISSUE WITH THE TOW TRUCKS STANDING ON THE SIDE OF THE BRIDGE.  SO we may just leave out of the check-in area in formation driving at a low speed and briefly acknowledging Roger as we pass by where he was killed.  (HAD SHE OBEYED THE “MOVE OVER LAW” THIS WOULD NOT BE A CONSERVATION. IT’S THAT SIMPLE) and then travel as a group to Rogers house and proceed to pay our respects by pausing lights off, tapping the horn and acknowledging Roger. As we pull away from the house we will travel on to Lou’s Total Car Care shop for a gathering of comradery and fellowship.  Lou will be providing pizza’s, sodas, finger sandwiches and if you would possibly be able to  bring a covered dish (they will keep in a cooler or one of those bags you carry chilled food in while we are on the bridge), paper products, drinks or whatever this would be helpful.
  There were phone calls  & some posting on F/B earlier today about everyone meeting at Lou’s on Saturday at 4 PM and then going over as a large group.  Basically now if you are going to the service then just meet over there.  IF this changes I will let you all know.
If you have any questions call me at 727-444-3911 or text me at 727-410-2911 ( please don’t call on this #).

 take care & be safe, ginger @ Nationwide Towing Clearwater, FL


THIS IS THE INFO FOR THE TOW TRUCK "RIDE" ON SUNDAY FEB 28TH IN MEMORY OF ROGER PEREZ BORROTO, WHO WAS HIT & KILLED 2-15-16 ON THE HOWARD FRANKLIN BRIDGE TAMPA, FL BY A HIT & RUN DRIVER. This is a bit lengthy (ya all know me) but all important for anyone coming. l would appreciate it if you would email or text me or send me a message thru f/b if your coming just so i can get a idea fo how many.

On Sunday February 28, 2016 we are having a “Ride for Roger” tow truck drive to memorialize Roger Perez Borrotto, 43, who was killed in the line of duty 2-15-16 @ around 2am, while he was loading a vehicle onto his flatbed tow truck on the Howard Franklin Bridge (Tampa, FL) by a hit & run driver.
We will also be prompting the MOVER OVER LAW during this ride. There will be TV and newspaper reporters as well as Chris Fiffie (Orlando, FL) from “Big Rig Videos” (on f/b). Rogers family appreciates this opportunity to help BRING AWARNESS THE MOTORING PUBLIC of the MOVE OVER LAW and of IT’S IMPORTANCE. Feel free to talk to these reporters to help spread the word. Remember you might be taped/recorded.
The family will also be here and would like to ride along in the tow trucks. Please let me know who has room for a family member or friend to ride in. This will be a difficult time for them, so please be mindful of what you say.
A drive (TOW TRUCKS, COMPANY SERVICE TRUCKS 1st & THEN ANY OTHER CARS, MOTORCYCLES ETC, AFTER THE TOW TRUCKS) across the Howard Franklin Bridge (I-275) in the right hand lane, passing the location of where Roger was killed, then continuing and going onto the Veterans’ Expressway (a toll road but you DO NOT stop and pay, if you have a Sunpass, good, if not you will receive a bill in the mail in about 1 month, approximate $2-4) then going north to Waters Ave exiting to the west, traveling to Rogers house, 8105 Greenshire Dr Tampa 33634 (plenty of room for all trucks) and doing our traditional paying of respects as we pause at Roger’s house. This will be detailed in the Information sheet you receive at the check-in table. After leaving Roger’s house we will drive to Lou’s Total Care Care 8317 Rustic Dr Tampa 33634 and share some time eating, visiting, comradery and further memorializing Roger. Lou will be supplying pizza, sandwiches and soda. If you would like you could bring a covered dish (the food will keep in coolers or insulated bags & the weather might go up to 68 degrees), or maybe someone could might paper products, let me know please. I suggest if you bring food try to bring it in disposable containers so that nothing gets broken or left behind accidently. IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO BRING ANY FOOD BUT IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
THIS IS NOT A FUNERAL PROCESSION (as usually done), IT IS NOT A PARADE. THIS IS A SUNDAY RIDE TO HONOR & PAY SOLIDARTY TO OUR FALLEN BROTHER AND THEN A COMRADERY/GATHERING OF BROTHERHOOD. After we cross the bridge and travel on to Roger’s home and the shop we PROBABLY will become separated to a point. This is OK. We will be tightly together coming across the bridge to show solidarity for Roger but then after the bridge, during the rest of the drive due to traffic, lane changing, some companies unfamiliar with the area and such we might not be able to stay together. Remember traffic/motoring public eyes will be upon us. Tow Timess will be provided with your information sheet at the check-in table.
PLEASE KEEP SAFETY IN MIND. IF YOU CAN BRING A EXTRA SAFETY VEST IN CASE WE NEED THEM PLEASE DO SO (put your name & ph# on the inside so we can get them back to you if needed.).

FROM TAMPA---- I-4, I-75, Jacksonville, north or east Florida, travel to I-275 south heading towards St Petersburg, cross over the Howard Franklin Bridge go to exit #30 (Roosevelt Blvd or 686) exit to the right, KEEP TO THE RIGHT & then at the 2ND SPLIT GO STRAIGHT approach Roosevelt Blvd (686)-- SHORT DISTANCE-- turning left or south on to it (no light here). Follow in the left lane, crossing Doctor M.L.K. Jr and follow to Gandy Blvd ( A BIT OF CONSTRUCTION) turn left or east, stay in left lane (unless construction has changed it a bit). At the next light 4stN (687) turn left or north and follow up app 1.2 miles passing 119th Ave. watch to your right for us. DO NOT GO OVER THE LITTLE BRIDGE AT THE NORTH OR BEACH END OF 4TH. IF YOU DO YOU HAVE TO GO ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE HOWARD FRANKLIN AND TURN AROUND, BIG PAIN.
FROM THE SOUTH--- the Skyway, I-275, I-75, Naples Bradenton, Miami, southern Florida, travel to I-275 northbound. Exit at Exit #30, bear to the right at the SPLIT, keep to the right, enter onto Roosevelt Blvd (686) travel in the left lane, crossing Doctor M.L.K. Jr , follow to Gandy Blvd ( A BIT OF CONSTRUCTION) turn left or east, stay in the left lane (unless construction has changed it a bit). At the next light 4stN turn left or north and follow up app 1.2 miles passing 119th Ave watch to your right for us. DO NOT GO OVER THE LITTLE BRIDGE AT THE NORTH OR BEACH END OF 4TH ST. IF YOU DO YOU HAVE TO CROSS THE HOWARD FRANKLIN BRIDGE AND TURN AROUND, BIG PAIN.

We will meet starting at 10:30AM on the north end of 4stN (approximately ½ mile north of 119th Ave, which is north of Gandy Blvd) in St. Petersburg, FL ( St Pete to some) . As you come up 4th St N, passing the last apt complex on your right at 119 th Ave pull off to your right when you start seeing trucks. BE CAFEFUL WATCHING SO YOU DON’T GO OVER THE LITTLE BRIDGE LEADING ONTO THE HOWARD FRANKLIN, IF YOU DO SO YOU HAVE TO DRIVE OVER THE BRIDGE INTO TAMPA AND TURNAROUND TO GET BACK TO US. WATCH FOR THE BEACONS. We will line up with the 1st trucks being from Lou’s Total Car Care Tampa, FL. Then after these trucks will be all of the towing companies from Hillsborough County, my truck & then the rest of the trucks coming. We will line from the beach end (north end) of 4th stN, back to 119th Ave. There is plenty of room on the grass alongside the road of 4st N. In parts of this area several trucks can park side by side. PLEASE WATCH OUT NOT TO GET TOO CLOSE TO THE BUSHES AS SOMETIMES THE GRASS GETS MUSHY. When you arrive please safely walk up (with safety vests on if not in ANSI clothing) to the beginning of the line up and look for a table that has a safety lime green sign on the front of it saying” check-in”. PLEASE DO THIS 1ST. At the table you will sign in (your name, company name, your ph#, company ph# and email address). Please try to bring a business card for us to be able to contact you/the company to thank them for participating and future events. You will be given black armbands, black ribbons for your truck and a information sheet for the “Ride for Roger” drive route, procedures and various IMPORTANT details. We will also have a container for donations (100% goes to the family for their needs) and a card or two to sign.
There will be an IMPORTANT drivers meeting @ 11:30am at the check in table and then we will leave out at app 12:00 noon. This meeting will recap the route; answer any questions and what we are doing through the drive route. Please watch the time as there will be a lot of activity here (visiting, checking out trucks, seeing friends and such).

I would appreciate any volunteers to help at the check in table, seeing to it that drivers/companies are properly checked-in, info sheets are handed out as they check in, ribbons PUT on the trucks, armbands are put on everyone & a medium or a heavy at the end of the line up of the trucks to block when we start to pull out. I realize that there will be children here, we are families too, BUT PLEASE KEEP A TIGHT WATCH ON THEM. As you get close to the line up if you need a nature call there is a gas station at 4thst N & Gandy Blvd and a few places on the left as you head up 4th towards the line up. There are NO portable pottys at the line up area and once we leave to start the ride over the HF bridge nothing until after you get to the Tampa side. Bushes not available either (sic)!!

If you have any questions please call me Ginger, Nationwide Towing @ 727-444-3911 or text me @ 727-410-2911 (please do not call me on this # and if you need to contact me right away CALL ME, I can not always hear the text ring tone) or email me at nattow1981@yahoo.com , try to remember that I am towing, not in the office so let the phone ring it will be answered.

take care & be safe, ginger




TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - In February of 2016, Allison Faye Huffman was driving on the Howard Frankland Bridge when her car side swiped a tow truck.

Rogelio Perez-Borroto was operating the truck and had just stopped to help a stranded driver. 

Huffman's car hit Perez-Borroto and threw his body up onto the truck. He died at the scene.

Huffman never stopped. 

Instead, she drove her severely damaged car to the Crown Plaza Hotel, got out, inspected the damage, saw the blood and walked away.

Evidence shows Huffman walked to a nearby drug store and called for a cab.

From there, she went to the Hard Rock Casino and spent the next 11 and a half hours gambling before going to Ybor City for more drinks.

She never reported the accident but she did tell her friend in Ybor what happened and it was the friend who called police.

Tuesday, Huffman stood and listened to the facts of her case being read in court.

She watched as a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper showed accident photos and talked about the damage to her car and her actions after the accident.

Perez-Borroto's sister spoke to the judge, telling her about the severe impact the crime has had on her family.

"I felt like someone just cut my chest open and ripped my heart out. I have nightmares. I can't sleep," said Zarais Perez-Borroto.

Finally, Huffman addressed the court and the victim's family and friends.

"I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I pray for peace and comfort and healing," said Huffman.

Under Florida law, Huffman faced a minimum sentence of four years in prison for leaving the scene of an accident involving death and a maximum sentence of 30 years.

A sentencing guideline form suggested a sentence of 10 years in prison, but Judge Vivian Corvo decided to go well beyond the suggested sentence,

"That is far beyond anything I've ever seen in the 36 years that I've been a lawyer," said Corvo, who was outraged that Huffman gambled for nearly 12 hours after killing a man and leaving him for dead on the side of the road.

"Your actions are reprehensible. It is inconceivable to this court that you were not aware that you had seriously injured someone," said Corvo who then sentenced Huffman to 28 years in prison.

After the hearing, the victim's sister was willing to forgive but not forget.

"It's hard to forgive someone that rips a loved one away from you like she did and it's not so much the action of what she did, but like Judge Corvo, said it's the way she behaved afterwards that makes it kind of conflicting. But I really hope she finds the peace that she needs," said Perez-Borroto.



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Thanks for putting all this together.  Sometimes you don't find out what the at fault driver receives after hitting and killing a towman.  This took a couple of years but the judge sure made a statement !  It just shows that some judges will take into consideration all the facts and sentence accordingly. It is little for the family but, hopefully helps the industry.  Thanks again, Ron.

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