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Heavy tow driver injured (jeff martin)


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11-23-17: Canadiantowman Wrote,

A tow truck operator has been injured after a tractor-trailer rolled over into a ditch on Highway 401 in Milton on Thursday morning.
Police said the operator was seriously injured as crews tried to remove the truck from the ditch.
“The heavy tows that were on scene were removing the rolled over truck from the ditch. In doing so, something happened, and I don’t know exactly what happened, but one of the operators that was operating the heavy tow equipment was injured in the recovery initiative,” OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said.
There has been no word on what caused the tractor trailer to roll into the ditch on the westbound lanes of Highway 401 approaching Guelph Line.
Police said the tractor trailer driver has been charged with careless driving.
The Ministry of Labour has been contacted.
TowZone said:
Thoughts and Prayers, we all hope Jeff makes a full recovery from what seems to be a very serious injury.

Howard Eagan Reports this morning:
"Just a update.... feel free to share post. I'm at hospital.... have been talking with jeff. He can't hit me so i can now say some stuff to him and possibly shave his beard for shits and giggles. He's a bit busted up, but he is aware of his surroundings. I have been entertaining him with all your messages and posts.... than he dozes off and snores. He has not gone for surgery yet. Will post more info later."
Ed Reuter said:
Howie - keep us in the loop. ed.
Allenstowing said:
Jeff we are praying for you brother 
rreschran said:
Here's wishing you a speedy recovery Jeff.   R.
mooresbp said:
Thoughts and prayers
Builder2 said:
Hope all turns out good. Any word if this was equipment failure or was he hit by a passing motorist?
Cabadiantowman reply:
Neither one.
TowZone said:
Howards latest update:

Fyi... Jeff Martin is out of surgery. We had post op conference with doc.. he is happy. There's allot of damage, but he's headed in right direction.

Debbie Martin and the family thanks you for all your prayers and such. We have kicked Debbie out of the hospital to go home dor some rest.... lol.. so please do not try calling her. Tje girl is pooped. Jeff is very fortunate to have debb..... she was a rock.....

That is all for today, we'll update you tomorrow.
Bigwheelrecovery said:
Jeff   we wish you a speedy recovery from the entire team at RBU  
Canadiantowman said:
Bryce Weber is feeling thankful with Paul Slote and 29 others.
23 mins · 

A quick update on the Professor Jeff Martin. He is recovering, surgery went good, he has a broken back but his limbs are all working and his pretty face is still smiling but he has a breathing tube and it is painful to talk yet and he needs his rest. Deb has asked that no visitors comes at this time. We will update when he is ready for some company. He will be in the hospital for a month minimum.
They are very thankful for the support from everyone! 
Sorry if I missed a tag
Canadian Towman said:
Howard Eagan
9 hrs · 
Been a busy morning. For starters... Jeff Martin is basically in isolation... and will be for awhile. There are no visitors with the exception for immediate family. It will be this way for a few weeks. Last night a few tried to "sneak up" to see him, which resulted in the hospital staff asking them to leave. And all our phones ringing as the staff alerting us.
Believe me, the family is very humbled by all your love and support. They appreciate it. Debbie and i had breakfest this morning, and your support was very much appreciated......she was very emotional in discussing the appreciation and outpouring of support. As you can imagine, they are simply overwhelmed with all thats going on, thus is why you'll see a few of us trying to keep you all updated.
As for today... he is moving.. and they have been doing some tests which means we have been drinking coffee and eating aero bars in lounge. I'll update you all this eve, thank you
Canadiantowman said:
Howard Eagan
2 hrs · 
I've copied and pasted Dale Pennington 's update on Jeff Martin about sums it up for today
Up Date on Jeff. 
Jeff is still in I.C.U., at this stage it is critical that he gets lots of rest. Jeff is still quarantined, the only person allowed to physically see him is Debbie. It is very important that he doesn't get an infection to add to the long road of recovery. Deb is now in a hotel close to the hospital. They are very overwhelmed with the support and kindness everyone has shown them, also a big thanks to King towing for being so supportive of both Jeff and Debbie during this time. Please continue to keep them both in your thoughts and prayers as they being this long road to recovery.
Heffy004 said:
Our prayers go out to Jeff & Debbie. Thanks Howie for keeping us posted & give me a call when you get a chance. 
HEFFY & the employees from D & E Service
Canadiantowman said:
Howard Eagan
2 hrs · Tonawanda, NY, United States · 

Good news 
Update on Jeff Martin..He is doing well..it was a good night. They are dialing back his sedation a bit more.His nurse said he did open his eyes during the chest X-ray earlier and she was explaining to him where he was and what they were doing. He is sleeping now-I’m not going to wake him.He will be getting a new pressure bed hopefully sometime this morning.
We still ask for no visitors for the next week or 3. 
GGoulart said:
We at Matheson Collision are keeping Jeff in our thoughts and prayers, we are waiting to see him walk in through the door with his happy self.  Hoping for a speedy recovery.  
If there is anything that I can do please do not hesitate to contact me.
Littletontowing said:
Hi, we're new here. Any word on how Jeff is doing?
We're sending you our prayers Jeff and family!
Canadiantowman said:
Here's the last update posted.

Bryce Weber is with Paul Slote and 48 others.
December 6 at 8:15pm · 

Lots of people have been asking, a quick update on Jeff Martin, first off I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the GoFundMe for Jeff. Deb is overwhelmed over the generosity, they are truly thankful, she would like to hug every single one of you if she could!! 
Jeff is still in ICU where he will remain for a while, he has a long road ahead of him, but he does wake up throughout the day, and he knows where he is and who is with him, but he cannot speak, but slowly he is making good progress, as of now the doctors are taking this day by day, then eventually week by week. with no long term prognosis as of now.
At this point they are still asking for no visitors. ICU is a busy place, and not ideal for visits, Jeff along with everyone in there is at high risk of infection, pneumonia, etc.
Littletontowing said:
Ok, thank you for the update. Wishing him a speedy recovery. We'll keep checking back on this thread for updates :)
Canadiantowman said:
Here is an update on Jeff Martin from his wife Debbie Martin. Jeff (and Debbie ofcourse 1f60a.png?) is a dear friend of ours and an asset and leader in the towing/recovery industry worldwide. Please send your prayers and support his way. 
Hi Everyone,
I want to express my appreciation for all your support, prayers, positive thoughts and generous donations over the past four weeks of Jeff’s recovery.
I know how much everyone cares for Jeff and many of you have inquiries as to the extent of Jeff’s injuries and how he is progressing.
On November 23rd Jeff was critically injured while working a wreck on Highway 401-Milton.The injuries he sustained include non-displaced bilateral fractured scapula, fractured vertebrae (T8-T11) requiring spinal fusion and decompression surgery, multiple fractured ribs (left and right side), lacerations and a tear to his esophagus and extensive soft tissue injures.
Jeff was heavily sedated and intubated following spinal surgery and after 16 days the decision was made to do a tracheotomy. He has been treated for pneumonia, a blood infection and developed blood clots in both legs. 
Presently, Jeff is doing well in his recovery, he has been able to breathe using a trach mask (without the ventilator) for over 24 hours, he is sitting up in a chair and has started to walk around the unit a bit.
Jeff is still in the Trauma ICU, and at this time is not able to receive any visitors.
It's been a difficult few weeks for us and now we will be taking a break for the next few weeks on providing any updates.
Please enjoy your holidays with your families.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from both of us.
Many Blessings,
Jeff & Deb
TowZone said:
Thank you for the Update.
mooresbp said:
good luck and God bless
ncsteveh said:
Thanks for the update, does anyone know what exactly happened? From the injuries it seems to be crush related? I'm sure most would like to know what happened so we can take precautions in the future
Canadiantowman said:
Debbie Martin is kCVesszIEGM.pngfeeling blessed with Jeff Martin.
1 hr · Bolton · 

Jeff has transitioned to the Rehabilitation Centre. He will be at the Centre for a few weeks and then back to the hospital for another surgery on his shoulder.
GGoulart said:
I'm so happy to hear the good news. Continuing with healing prayers for Jeff.
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