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Getting a low anchor point for snatch block pull on an MPL40

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If it matters 2021 F550 MPL40 twin line wrecker body


I struggle when i need a low pull. Seems like I need this often. The wrecker body has two D rings which are at the lower edge of the wrecker body but still about 2 foot off the ground. 


I wanted a Chevron wrecker with drop legs but the unobtainium factor was just too strong. 


Can I mount  a bracket that wraps around the wheel lift main upright beam at the bottom with a ring for a snatch block. I worry attaching anything to this area could compromise everything if something goes wrong. Or is there a drop leg option for an MPL40 and if so do the legs have a low anchor point or are they just for anchoring the rig. Or any ideas if you have done something to get a lower pull. 


Im ready to order an F600 with a larger unit and drop legs but it’s probably years away in todays world. So if it cost me say $30K to add drop legs id push the new truck along. I have to have 4WD so im stuck with these smaller trucks. 

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Two options that I know of for what you are asking.

The first one is the rear spade kit. I don’t have this one for my truck however I will add it to the next one. It comes with some hydraulic override valves so u can put it down and close the valve to hold it in place.


The other is the pulley attachment for the wheel lift. Again it comes with a valve to close to keep the pressure off the cylinder. This one I have and to be honest I’ve used it a handful of times. Usually just use the DRings on the tail board.


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You can have a shop add you a set of spades ( drop legs ) for probably less than 10k look at Irish iron they sell them

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