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Re: another close call - what to do?


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From the dash cam video/bus driver's view in commercial bus; this video shows a DAYTIME motorist driving up the back of a carrier. There's a semi in the slow lane adding to the equation suggesting the motorist may have been focused on passing the semi at highway speeds. In real-time, the motorist may have moved intentionally to the left so to have plenty of clearance to pass the semi. In a blink of an eye, the motorist was upon the carrier's location traveling at 60-miles per hour.




Note that from a distance approaching the flatbed carrier's location, there's little to no indication of advanced emergency notice (flares, cones or signage) to announce the presence of the carrier in the fast lane ... an active fast lane. The flatbed's color is white to match the snow and the carrier's deck is dark to match the highway's asphalt pavement. The carrier is parked stationary in the fast lane with no law enforcement on-scene to help identify the activity. This video is a prime example that illustrates the importance of having either a blocker truck, law enforcement, or something ... anything to show the carrier's stopped and at work. I realize this center median activity was somewhat out in-the-boonies where assitance from the Highway Patrol isn't always possible. This video has great value for discussion at your next driver's safety meeting. And, regardless that South Dakota's Move-Over Law requires motorists to SDMO, this video would have painted a different perspective of safety. I'm glad that no one was hurt or killed. To help bring better awareness to this, "routine", situation, what techniques do you proactively employ to identify your working environment while keeping in mind that move-over laws don't protect you.     R.






White Line No Visibility.jpg

Randall C. Resch

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