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The Rebirth of Kong from 2008

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Brian S created this topic:

Our 1982 International Paystar is currently in Elkhart, Indiana at Bill Bottoms (B&B Industries)getting a little work done to it. We had always said if we did build a rotator; We would build it on a monster chassis. Well we couldn't think of a Bigger & Heavier Chassis than KONG. Besides Kong has a tradition to uphold. When it was built new By Bill Bottoms (Then Challenger) It was the largest manufactured wrecker in the world. So we figure it can capture that title again as the largest manufactured wrecker in the world.

It has ice cold A/C, Air Seat, Music, CB Radio. Excellent Heat, Tinted Windows, Heated Mirrors, Heated Fuel/Water Separator, and a Heated Air Dryer. It has an on board battery trickle charger that can get plugged in as well as an Engine Block Heater. It has a trunk mounted Motorola System with integrated Telephone System. We are having Cameras Installed

Kongs Chassis was originally intended for EXTREME oil field use. The Chassis, Suspension.. Driveline, Cooling and Motor were all were the heaviest and largest available at the time. It has a Cummins 330. Kongs chassis has 1/2 inch solid steel cross Members every 2.5 feet right to the rear. The triple railed chassis is simply put; Massive The new body will be fish plated to it's new Sub-frame. it only has 21,000 Miles on it. It has a 32,000 lb front axle. Dual Hydraulic Power Steering Boxes. Front axle Torque Rods. 1400 X 24 front rubber. 20 Speed Quad Box Transmission. It has a Super Low Gear and on the highway it will run between 65 & 70 MPH. It also has Dual PTO's. 65,000 lb Rears on Rubber Block Suspension and 1200 X 24 rear rubber. The chassis will be stretched and a third axle with 1200 X 24 rubber will be added. When all is said and done the total length of the truck will be approx 40 feet long.

The 45 Ton Challenger body is being removed and will be for sale by B&B. A new 80 Ton 360 Degree continuous spin 3 Stage Boom Rotator will be added with aluminum body. It will be built as a 100 ton unit but be certified at 80% of its capacity for insurance purposes. Optional dual turn table drive motors which will allow the rotation of the boom under full Load. 4 Upright Outriggers. Optional Rear Hydraulic Winching Spades. Optional 65,000 lb. Two Speed DP Winches with 7/8 Cable with Air free spools & Air tensioners. Optional 25,000 lb winches on the underside of the boom. Optional rear drag winch. Optional Wireless Hand Held Remote Controls. Optional 3 Stage 50,000 lb. Under Reach. Optional Onan Electric Start on Board Generator with Scene Lighting. And optional Rear Tailgate D-Rings.

We still have a few ideas were kicking around to add to it. But were still not to that point yet. It is going to be BIG & BAD. We delivered KONG to B&B Industries (The Big House) a few weeks ago. King Kong II should be in Jersey the end of March or early April. Myself and Steve Avella will be making a trip out to Indiana in a few weeks for a tour and to inspect the construction at the half way point. And than again to pick her up and bring her back home to Jersey. I will be posting pictures of the progress along the way and the trek home.


After removing all equipment & Getting ready to leave Jersey





Fueling Up In Ohio





On The Road To Indiana





Arriving At B&B Industries... Kong is Home again .. Back to it's maker

UPDATE: 2/12/2008. Kong is offically in the Building! The truck has entered a bay in the building. The onboard generator system and telescopic scene lighting has been removed as has been the fuel storage for the generators. The lower side boxes and lower tunnel box have also been removed. The rear tires are off and they started burning off the bolts that attach the wrecker body subframe to the chassis. The truck will be going to the chassis department next for the chassis stretch, additional cross members and the third axle.








It all begins somewhere














Engineer's Priliminary Print and Kong Specs











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