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Lifting Resting Crane

DW Carter

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Topic Originally Created in May of 2004:

Another oldie. Raining, in new construction site. Two three part lines off of the 750, using front of earthmover as anchor. two two part lines from the 25 ton AATAC. Fell off detach trailer. What'd you think.



pttowguy tubegreen.gif said:

Nice job! Those suckers tend to be top heavy and that one had the wheels off the ground.
hpgtowing tubebronze.gif said:
Nice Job...... goes to show ya...what 1 or 2 750's can do...certainly no match for the new 50,60 and 70 toners...but true work horses to say the least....nice work D.W.
Stay well... Steve
datowman said:
very nice job there.Stay Safe

Before criticizing someone try walking a mile in their shoes...... because then you'll be a mile away and wearing their shoes.
life is not determined by the path we choose to walk down, but by how we choose to walk down our path.
Divor said:
nice jobs
HansonMA said:
Dennis those are nice pics
DWCarter tubegreen.gif said:
This is one that I would like to get another shot at. As rigged, it was not sucessfull. Figured the crane weighed 80-90k, my truck (750) 23k, 25 ton AATAC 28k and earthmover unknown weight.

How about some ideas on what the weak link was and some ideas on how it should, could have been done. DW Carter WM92343
HansonMA said:
Dennis it seems like you had enuff lines to the load,(10) and using the earth mover as a deadman you should have been able to overcome the resistance (50Klbs?) other than the boom of the crane giving you trouble, or getting your lines higher on the casualty to create a better lever, I don't know.
Did you end up putting a truck on the down side of the crane?
I like these brain busters.

Freelance66 said:
Ahhh - I had a 210 track hoe that did that to me as well. Turns out you really have to add quite a bit more load for that boom being higher than the frame......."My purpose in life is to make others happy they are not me."
DMcca22 said:
I know from experience that the winches on the AATAC are no match for that 750, the AATAC needed the extra blocks. Your week link however was probably the earth mover. That looks like a 25ton Grove, it should weigh about 65K. With the load that far over you would have a pretty hefty pull to get it started. The trucks should have been able to handle the pull, but I sure would have liked to have a catch line on that one.
Did the boom open up when you started to lift, or did it actually stay on the stand?
DW Carter tubegreen.gif said:
Yes, the earth mover wouldn't stay put. (wet red clay) Boom was chained into the stand. Ended up using excavator on top side to provide lift. Almost ended up having to winch it out afterwards.

If had it to do over, I would have placed the AATAC where it could have provided some lift to the boom. And spread lines out going to the earth mover instead of just to the front.

Any other ideas or suggestions that would have worked? DW Carter WM92343
Gale25yrs said:
I am not familiar with the structure of the body around the turret or up at the boom mount itself but ideally the pull point should have terminated higher up for more leverage.
The way you are hooked in the picture is too low,my guess is the rig would come up until the side and wheels met the ground then your anchor would slide.
EricGodard CA tubegreen.gif said:
I love these old pic's !!! There is a few I would like to have over again as well thats for sure.

I don't know anything about the 750's at all but if you could have dropped the lines to the bottom of the wrecker and pulled down I would have to say it would of come over for ya.
It would have been one heck of a pull but it should have come. IF the boom is chained good into place and you can get to the high side then a line to the boom would work very well. You have to make sure the line on the boom can render though, if not you do run the risk of twisting or bending the boom.

Either way Great looking job , It must have been a fun one !!!!!
Scooby said:
you can't beat a 750, (unless you have a 850), for some brute winching power. Matter of fact, you know when your really working her when you see sparks coming off the drumes during a heavy pull. I would sell the attack though and but another 750
Craig said:
Howie's right, the only way to top a 750 was with an 850 ! lol

You knew your 750 was pulling hard when you had to put all your weight on the handles to keep it in gear..

Oh ya. Howie you also know you're pulling it hard when the 80-90 wt starts smoking out the vent.

Ok, now to answer your question Dennis. You're idea to use the ATTAC on the boom side for lift is a good one. Then if the earthmover was movable you could turn it and dig the leading edge of the pan into the dirt just like a dozer blade. Rig your 750 to that deadman and do your thing. We always seem to be able to look back and say, hmmmm, I wonder how it would've gone if we had only done this. Thanks for sharing..
Hpgtowing tubebronze.gif said:
I would have split the booms... and rigged a three part line pulling directly off the mast.... and deadmen holding the wreckers...... Pulling off the mast rather than the booms would have given twice the pulling ability... That's the only thing I would have done different.... Steve
i think it is great pictures and you ask us for advice. if you could have gotton to the other side and did a reverse roll and used your 25 ton with the dead man and snached block for a low pull when ever i upright cranes i always put a 5/8 cain and binder over the bom and x it underneath just as a sfety and always catch if possible thank you again for your picture and taken our advice that show that you are a true professional in this industry

john fenshaw
tikrit iraq
lakeland florida
towman26 said:
I thought the same thing about lifting the high point, or if you could have got to the other side, with the boom & turntable secure the to lift. Although its an older I think its great being able to put the hyd next to the 750 in there but there only fallbacks are there lack of weight. They wont stop as long as the truck will sit, & thats the same problem we have with our 600. See this accident is why i drive a wrecker. Before I started our company, the place I was at allways tried to get me to jump seats into lowboys. I allways told them no cause of this reason, but they kept on making me run the lowboy till one day I fixed it good. They were sending me out to get some big excavator with a new trailer, Gordon (owners husband) came out to show me how to use it, as he walked away I "thought " I had put the locking pin in but as I left the trailer stayed & the detatch neck came with me, opps. That was the last time I ever got told to drive a lowboy.LOL
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