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Renew or Sign Up for a Supporter Status and get a T-shirt ENDED

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Note to Tow411/TowForce Membership HURRY this offer ends June 15, 2018:


I have quite a few T-Shirts in different styles and sizes. Since, I have been so consumed with rebuilding the message board from the destruction caused by the previous service provider. I have not had much opportunity to invoice Patrons and Sponsors. Those invoices will be going out in the next month.


However, between now and when the invoices do begin to go out I want to make a special offer. This offer is being made to all current and new Patrons/Sponsors. Sign up or Renew a Patron or Sponsor level between now and June 15th, 2018 and receive a T-Shirt. Once you have completed the payment I will send an email asking for your T-Shirt Size and Address if it differs from the payment. All T-shirts will go out within 30 days of payment, yours may arrive sooner. Notification when package is sent will be e-mailed to you.


So, what is involved in this promotion. Simple sign up for any Patron or Sponsor Level in the Store. Only rules are Continental US requires a minimum of a Patron Level I, due to the added cost of shipping Canada Requires a Minimum of a Patron II and All Others a Minimum of a Patron III. Sorry, added costs of shipping can get out of hand.


If you would like to add an extra T-shirt for $18, just let me know when I ask for your size. I will then invoice you for the additional shirt. any size no additional shipping charges. It is always possible that supplies may become limited, so I ask that you get your order in soon. Thanks


Patron Level I - $29.00/yr



Patron Level II - $50.00/yr


Patron III - $75.00/yr



Bronze - $200.00/yr



All Other Sponsor Levels can be found in the Store.

Suppliers/Vendors require a Sponsor Level Membership.




Contact Admin for further details:


This will generate the funds needed to get this system back up and running.

Funding is necessary, I cannot do everything that is needed without your support.


To Current Supporters, Thank you for your continued support it is much valued.


Almost forgot, there are still several Corporate Sponsorship's Available. These

are for Towing Companies that support our network in a large way. A stamp size

banner link to the company website is displayed in the main page lower sidebar.


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Towmanblue your is going out soon I promise.


I have been asked by several what the design is they are purchasing. Honestly the contribution is for a Patron or Sponsor Level the T-shirt is gift with the supporter status.


But, you can request any previous Tow411 T-shirt you like and I can see if we have it in your size. I will also add images of the shirts as I find them. I believe there are more prayer shirts remaining then poem shirts, I could be wrong as there are nearly a dozen tubs and boxes sitting here in the corner. Some full some not, each tube or box has a different size or should have. There are also some ladies t-shirts in various sizes and styles.


Black with silver ink or this one is also available as well in Green with gold/tan ink:



Very Limited Sizes Remaining:








I'll add the others when I find them or watch the store link here for images. Thanks

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2 days remaining and the t-shirts will be going out. Thanks for those who have supported Tow411/TowForce during this promotion and all of our supporters. We are working hard to make this new system being used for the message board the best social media for Towing & Recovery Discussions.

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