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40amp Battery Fuse Keeps On Burning Out.

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2007 DT570


The 40amp fuse on the top of the battery is blowing (not melting)and kills the engine. It happens when the clutch is let out fast or at a stop sign pulling a hill. It is fine any other time or condition. Where should I start to look? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I would look for a place where the wiring has rubbed and is making contact when the engine moves abruptly. Letting the clutch out quickly and taking off from a hill tend to put more rotational torque on the engine and drive train and could be moving the engine just enough to make a wire short out. My guess would be where the wire harness comes from the battery up along the firewall into the power distribution block, probably down near the bottom of the firewall.


Most likely you will have to pull back some of the wire loom to inspect the harness, look for signs of rubbing or green corrosion to give you a place to start. It could also be under the dash, if the wire harness that feeds the interior fuse block or VPM (mounted under the dash to the top left) is rubbing on the clutch mounting bracket, a harsh movement could be just enough to cause the wire to short momentarily and blow the fuse.

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