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05 International Brake Pressure Light

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Paul Windsor wrote in September of 2012:


Just went out to use my 05 international flatbed and I noticed that my brake pressure switch was lite up on the dash. I unplugged the two sensors on the master and it still stays on. I have lots of  brake peddle and changed the fuse and I still can't get the light to go out. I noticed when I touched the brake with the truck off, I don't get that whinny noise motor. Can somebody point  me in the right direction to correct this as I am not a truck mechanic on how to solve this problem...


need some help truck isn't making me money by not running thanks !!


QueenswayTire Said:

ot much help, but check fuses and look for a power problem to the electric motor. I know on ours the light comes on on random start ups, but a quick turn off and on of the ignition and it goes out. We still have the electric motor running when the truck is off though, so I doubt you will be that lucky. I know one of our Topkicks did this quite a few years ago. It ended up being a broken power wire to that electric motor.


Paul Windsor said:

Thanks Queensway for the reply. We put a power wire to the motor and the light went out and the brake pedal makes the noise but thats not the fix; if we could just find some schematics on the wiring of this motor and the relays, it would help us out alot. Its hard, none of the dealers want to give up the schematics. See you at the tow show.


byddon tubeyellow.gif said:

I can fax you the circuit diagram for the brake system, send me your fax number.


Paul Windsor said:

THANKS   Byddon your the man !!!

then two days later replied:

I would like to thank Byddon on sending me the schematics to fix my problem with my brake switch worked out great just some green wires  sure can't beat this tow 411 site and the great ppl on it  Thanks Paul


byddon tubeyellow.gif said:

Glad I could help


sunshinetoday said:

what was the fix?


Paul Windsor said:

green wire in the loom near the maga fuse


April 25, 2018:

Biondis said:

We are having the same problem with our 02 4300 any way I could get that diagram I hope you guys are still on here.


May 16, 2018:

rblanchette said:

what ended up being the problem? we have the brake pressure light and alarm on . please help


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