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Let's Go Ice Fishin'

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Originally posted in March of 2007:


It was a nice quiet Sunday afternoon last week when we received this call about a vehicle flipping into a cove on Claytor Lake. The State Police advised us of the situation and also inquired as to whether or not we could come up with our own Dive Team because there Team wasn't available. They did stress the concern that there may possibly be a victom still in the vehicle due to the incoeherency from the in shock person that did make it out. My first call was to Mr. Paramedic himself, Gene(exxonpapa) to inquire about a Dive Team. DONE. I brought tha Tator.


below: I'm keepin a eye on Gene(exxonpapa)yellow jacket.

below: He look's like he want's to swim.
edited for image size

Thankfully, NOBODY else was found, Just the vehicle. On it's top, so all the Diver had to do was connect our endless loop.

We wanted the Diver to run the loop through the cab but he advised us that visibility was near zero and that he would make as good of a connection as he can to the axle. It is what it is. So I climbed up to the winch to pull cable so he could dive and make his connection.

Once everything came into view, we inspected the routing of the loop, it looked ok and we brought her on home.



edited for image size

Cleaned up some debris upon landing. Threw a fish back.(had to, Game Warden was there)
edited for image size

I'm starting to feel like a lawyer that does ALOT of Probono work. Yep,,,,This was for free,,,, no insurance at all, nuthin. No money on hand,nun. No collateral, soggy 1994 junk.
IT IS WHAT IT IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Oh Well. Chalk it up as training.
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b3c1555cafb7de0bebe7ff163a2ba9943b67cab.pjpgJeff Gibson (Gibby)
Harmons Service Center
Harmons Traffic Management, inc.
Christiansburg, Va. 540-382-0300
Ed Barker said:
But just think,you will be the new owner of a bronco,,L.o.L.,,,,,job well done,,,
that is bad news that they have no insurance.
BigWheelRecovery said:
Jeff with the price of scrap you will get at least 300 any way,the worst part was the diver there wasn't enough to pay him for what that cold job was worth.But it's good training an hopefully you made the 6 oclock an a lot of people saw your company doing a great job,if you made a commercial showing your talent it would cost 1000's to get the word out so if you made the news you just got 1000's in free advertising an when the need arrises again I bet you get the nod. good job BOB
Speedy Towing said:
Great pictures! That looks like fun, even though you didn't get paid. Thanks for sharing.
AWOOD said:
Gibby, got to agree with Bob, as frustrating as it is you had to have gotten some good promo with the P.D.
Kind of reminds me of opening a Christmas present and getting another pair of socks!
Good work in bad conditions,
Exxonpapa said:
You know, Gibby, used the biggest rod I had ever seen, with the heaviest test line I ever saw, and so so bait, and he only can catch three four inch fish.His fishing pole was remote even. Yes it was very cold. The divers enjoyed it though. Great training for them and learned some equipment limits. The divers are certified rescue divers and certified swift water rescue.The man in the water was Wayne Akers, stand by diver Keith Williams, myself and Captain Steve Shelor on the bank. The truck was about 15 to 20 foot under.I give great praise to the dive team they were excellent.Pictures look good Gibby.No way no how was I intending to go for a swim though.
bigtow00 said:
Nice fishing pole Gib! I don't think Shimano ever made that model. Nice yard ornament for you storage lot. I believe I would have thrown that one back.Life is about the journey, not the destination.
Jason Ray
Heavy Duty Specialist/TRIP Supervisor
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"My Views may not reflect the views of my employer"
MNPOOL said:
Nice job !npsig.jpg
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