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A reason to keep a camera.

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I know had I not taken pictures and noted this, the owners would have tried making me pay for something. There were marks past the bumper where they had driven it on the curb and back down where it sits.

Daniel Wade
wreckmster said:
absolutely!. people say they dont want to spend money on a digital camera just to bounce around in the truck. This photo is the perfect example of the value of the camera. It easily paid for itself with that one photo.Cameras are very reasonably priced nowadays.Batteries die quickly, but that's why they make rechargeable batteries.
Reliable Towing said:
I agree on taking damage photos before you move a car, especially if customer is not there when you load it. I get real weird looks from PD & firemen when I try to take pictures at a scene, so I don't get alot of action shots.
Berts112 said:
There is probably an 80 percent chance that if you had not taken this pic you would be paying for their stupidity..
good jobBGAMZW55.jpgcard.jpg
Wreckmster said:
Steven, If the police/Fire look at you funny, just tell them it's company protocol and will only take a minute. It's my job, I have too.

Cover your ass!!!
SlimSanta said:
A few years ago I bought a T-1 Sony. It has not only saved me money, it has also made me money. It has a 1-G.B. card in it and fits easily in my shirt pocket. Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
Towaholic said:
i just got a new one about a week ago 1gb card and fits nicely in my pocket now it goes every were i do. not left in the last truck i was in.
hookin29 said:
I love my camera!!! But like Steve said remembering to put it back in the truck is the key to great pics!!!
Towmanjc said:
I carry one to and take pics of every tow. Why take a pic every tow?? Towed this guy from the rear and two weeks later he called me saying I damaged the back rim of his truck when I pulled into dealer lot!!
I asked the guy how could I do it when I towed the truck from the rear and I told him I got pics would you like to see??
He hung up the phone on me and I never heard from him again!!
Joe O`Brien - Weavertown Towing & Recovery - Pgh,Pa

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