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Update With Some New Amenities On The Ram...


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A few additions to the new truck this week. First was a back up camera since Ram won't offer it factory...which is ridiculous...




Had to install a screen since you can't use the factory screen on the radio they say in commercial 5500's.




We had them install it in place of the rear view mirror. Also installed the GPS tracker and forward dash cam...




finished it off with a remote start program...again that you cant get factory on a 5500...




Got a shipment in yesterday of equipment so I guess I am done with this one for a while...



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9 hours ago, mooresbp said:

I have factory back up cam on my 5500 (2017)

I don't know what changed then. Our Jerr-Dan dealer said they wouldn't do it from Ram. We just did a pick up the other day at our shop and then had the dealer turn it on in the body module and it worked great. We called the dealer and they said we can't do it on this chassis? Our guy put a screen in the truck but it frustrates me to put after market stuff in there if I could help it.


Today we installed the new synthetic rope and 4 point tie down straps. It came with that "8 point" set up but I don't like them. I have some new organization stuff coming for the tool compartments so I will get that sorted next week.



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Nice Truck, thought you were a Ford guy???

Just curious, did you mount the back up camera off to the side of the pivot point on the wheel grid?  It looks that way in the picture.


When I mounted mine, I put it on the center line and use it to line up on the emblem of the causality when I can.

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On 11/13/2022 at 2:15 PM, Stubborn66 said:

Nice Truck, thought you were a Ford guy???

Don't worry....I'm still a Ford Guy...LoL As for the camera mount, we have a company that does these upgrades for us and honestly I don't know why it isn't dead center. We can see real good with it though.


13 hours ago, Derlyn Z said:

How do you like the synthetic rope? It seems like a good idea, but we tend to abuse our cables a lot, not sure how they would hold up.

We have run this rope before on wreckers & rollbacks... It holds up great until someone does something stupid & then it breaks. Eddie had it on our old MPL40 for years with great results. I'm very picky about the rope on any truck...I don't let it touch anything. If I have to damage a strap then so be it but I won't have an issue with it. And this truck is pretty much just for the 2 of us to operate. We didn't install it on the Chevron because they said it would void the winch warranty.




We used that truck pretty hard & never had a failure until one of our guys was helping us out while away at a show and broke a line lifting a box truck out of a hole...

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Had the 2way radio installed the other day & got checked over for some new lighting. Also we installed some new drive tires and worked on the tool box organization...





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