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Easy Rollover  

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Topic Originally Create in August of 2007:


We did this rollover a few days ago, The police did not want to shut down the motorway until the middle of the night when the traffic flows were very quiet, it had taken out about 200feet of barrier.
the whole thing weighed 44 tonnes ( 100,000 lbs ) it was a nice cool and dry evening, perfect surface, plenty of room around it, perfect conditions.
once we cut away the barriers we laid in 6 cushions and stood it it up easily, the container was a bit tore up and a sharp edge just caught one of the cushions and we had to do an emergency repair (put a finger over the hole) it came up easily and then we had to replace all the right hand side trailer wheels which were destroyed on the barrier, Whole job from base to base was 3 hours, Job went exactly to plan,
Thanks to the team, Sammy, Carl, Graham, Fletch, Tony and me as incident manager
Thanks to Ken Davis for Pics








Leigh Bowden said:

Hi John Leigh from Wales here good job , i thought you had a rotator?


wreckeruk said:

Hi John,
Great recovery as ever by u and ur team, wots securing the strops from ur commander equipted wrecker to the container??

BTW tried the wooden block between the dual tyres on an 8 wheeler friday evening worked great and came up great, so simple yet very effective, thanks to tow411 for such a great idea.(will try to get pics up here soon).646.gif

Not just a job, its an adventure!


git r towed said:

Nice fast recovery. The bags look good leaning into their job just perfect. Nice work, thanks for the pictures..........John.........Rock City Garage


tobtow said:

great job guys,thanks for sharing
mushspeed said:
Mark, That is the 3rd one we have done for Online in the last year, they certainly are having some bad luck, they run all quality stuff too !!

This is another one of theirs



Yes Guys we have a Rotator, but it was in the shop with some electrical problems, anyway there was life before Taters !!!

Kieth.... we have got the strops secured with 16 mm grab chains, the thing I like about containers, they are strong and easy to catch hold on to.
Peelman said:
Good job John makes all the difference when you have room to work.Didnt know you had a tator cant wait to see it on here.We are considering one at moment cant get the old man to part with cash though. What did you get????.


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