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Nice Warm Day For An Air Cushion Job  

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From a Topic Originally created in August of 2007:


We received a call yesterday morning from another wrecker service in our area to assist them with a rolled over tractor trailer. They advised that the truck had left the roadway, traveled down an embankment in the center median, and laid over on the driver's side. The unit was laying on a little bit of a slope, with the wheels a little higher than the roof. They were concerned that we may need to off-load the cargo, as the slope may be too much for air cushions.

When we arrived, we decided that the air cushions would be easier and faster. The area in which we were working was under a heat advisory with the heat index approaching 105. We wanted to get it up and out as quickly as possible, and lumping cargo inside a hot trailer is not my idea of fun. The load was boxes of metal shelving, approximately 38,000 pounds. Thankfully, most of the weight was concentrated to the nose of the trailer. The door frame on the rear of the trailer was torn loose, and the roof was starting to un-zip at the rear. We placed our cushions to the front, and tried not to compound the situation by placing unnecessary stress at the rear of the trailer. The unit came up effortlessly, with the guages on the cushions barely reaching 2 pounds each. Truck placement was hindered by the steep hill on the far side of the trailer, and a concrete drainage ditch which ran just beside the roof of the trailer. Other than that, the job went pretty quickly. Not really one of our prettier jobs, but all went well and nobody got too hot. Everyone was busy during the final stage of the upright, and we didn't get a chance to take pictures. We lifted with the cushions until they couldn't lift any higher, then we finished the lift with our 4024 while the other company winched from the top of the hill with their 750.














Jerrys Road Service said:
Nice job looks good
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca
git r towed said:
Nice job, What working conditions, dirt field, No rocks, No traffic, wish they were all that easy, thanks for sharing, nice pictures..............John .....Rock City Garage
Blkwill said:
Nice Job there. I remember these jobs in the heat.
Great Bag job
Can we get a up close pic of that trailer??????
Will Cain
Scooby said:
great bag placement bill....if there's no load on the wall, then put the bags where the load is

nice looking job, sure beats offloading in the heat


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