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Double decker bus, vs, low bridge = single decker bus

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One of our bus company accounts called us up to recover a roof....By the way bring a crane....


On arrival this is what we found...the driver was on his first trip out in his new job and he thought he could take a short cut ....needless to say it was his last !


He said nobody told him his bus was 14ft 6 ins high....  even when there was a sign showing the height in front of him in the cab....duuuuh !!


The bridge carried the Railway main line.... Poole to London link....  all train traffic was stopped both ways for several hours  until the wreckage was removed and bridge engineers inspected the bridge and declared it safe to use. 


Andy and Elliott rigged and lifted the roof with a knuckleboom crane onto our transporter.... the bus although still driveable, was towed back to the depot.














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And not to long ago someone was asking about towing these units, best advise give was run the other way. this one got scalped with all 6 on the ground.

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Wow that would of been ugly with people aboard...


Reminds me back in the late 80's, some guy brought one of these to the states. They took it off a ship in Port Newark NJ and made it about 75 miles when they wrecked. It was heading to El Paso Tx I believe. It sat for quite a while at our shop & then we towed it to Texas with an "Interstater" to be proper....LoL Had to take the steer tires off to get it to 13'6"...or close.

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 Ed...Fortunately, this time, nobody was travelling on the top deck.... we had another one a few months later that hit the bough of a tree after being diverted from its scheduled route... the roof was torn off and several passengers received serious injuries....

Double deck busses are very popular in the UK  and vary from 14'6"  to 16' in height, depending on the areas......  the  UK  national standard bridge and cable height is 16' 6" any bridges under that height have to have suitable signage,  warning drivers of the exact height and all trucks and busses must have the actual height of the vehicle shown inside the cab... ( DOT Rules ).    The rules are different in mainland Europe where 4 metres  ( 13' 3" ) is the norm...



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