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1200 and Wheel Lift


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Topic was originally created by OCAuto in January of 2011:


i have a 1200 with 4 levers that are the same, then there is a single lever and it goes to a twin valve body. I am thinking the extra lever is for splitting duties with the boom in out and up down with the wheel lift in out and up down? I will try to get a few pics. I know its an older unit and maybe wheel lift was after thought add on?but want to use in my yard to move dead ones into the shop. thanks


the first is the 4 controls that are each winch and boom in/out and boom up/down

here is the lever that was added and goes to to secondary valve body

4 valves in valve body that are each winch and boom in/out and boom up/down also not sure if you can see, but which fitting is in and which is out? thanks, plumbed it as in and when I engage the PTO it stalls the engine, so I will try the other way, but will wait for responses thanks

and then one set of the hoses goes from the main valve body to this one that seems to go to the wheel lift, so I assume (hate to) that this splits the main boom up down and in out to the wheel lift. why did they not just add a second valve body and 2 levers?
also I know this thing is one day older than god but im sure it will work OK and sorry for the crappy cell pics at night!

thanks very much for any replies
Kytowbiz said:
if this unit came out without a wheel lift ,they make a add on unit that uses a di-verter valve ,we would splice it into the valve for the boom ,then we would use the up-dn and in-out for the boom to do the same for the wheel lift , just pull a handle and it changes which one works , I didn't see enough in the pictures to confirm this , but we installed a Hundred or so of these back in the early 90's so I know what this should be .

Phil Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh's Towing Equipment Co.
QCAuto said:
ya sorry for the bad pics! that is exactly what it does, i dont like it much but what are ya gonna do..... well i will wait until it all needs to be redone, for now i will run what I have it works well, just need a better diverter handle and a second for the other side as it only has drivers side mount which also sucks!
unknown member said:
I have a century bed with the same kind of set up- it works fine - just gets a little confusing sometimes (especially if you're in a hurry). The divertor changes over the function of 2 of the handles, to control the boom or wheel lift. I wouldn't change a thing, just maybe add some lables to remind yourself what does what and when.
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