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Anyone heard from Gerard lately?


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He changed finance companies a couple of years ago. Without proper representation the company he was with discontinued support for the Towing Information Network.


I ask because this topic created in 2011 gives testimonial  to Gerard without giving recognition to the Finance company. I have always known that towers will follow and agent more the company they are representing.


Borotow wrote:

  Gota say thanks to Gerard again. Called him yesterday and asked his opinion on whether I should borrow money on another truck or pay it outright, as finances are close and I was hesitant to borrow more. He put it all in perspective, as he put it, keep your money, let me pay the whole cost and you can keep your working capitol and just add another payment. After some thought it made sense. I called Gerard Tuesday afternoon and said I need the money, this morning he was at MY office, I signed some papers, and an hour later he wired the money to the owner (used piece), by a little after lunch my kid pulled into the driveway with the added part of our family. Thanks Gerard, it has to be the easiest way to do business other than asking your Mom or Dad for $$$$. Its a nice piece of mind knowing somebody is willing to back you when you make a decent decision, painlessly and just as quick as going to the bank and taking out your own money.


njChuck said:

No DOUBT Gerard is GREAT to work with!
Borotow said:
 Sure is Chuck, He is funny as hell to boot! Fred, I didn't get anything exciting, but due to a couple town requirements, I had to add another flatbed and didn't want to spend a ton on one because I want to get another wrecker soon (med-heavy), so that's where the next large payment will go. This transaction I acquired an International 4700 with a Jerr-Dan alum bed. Truck has a lot of miles but is pretty clean as well as very solid, and the reason I bought it was Bucks County International just put in a complete renew 7.3 4800 miles ago and a renew AT545Rmc Allision and converter 14000 miles ago.  Truck also has new rad, alt, and front end. It drives like a new truck, just some stupid little stuff is bad, like turn signal cancel, radio, dash lights, other than that its a pretty solid piece. How are you doing in the South River East Bruns area nowadays? Hope all is well you guys, if your ever around my area feel free to stop by.
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Wow, this topic is more 10 years old on Tow411 and 3 years on TowForce.


Let's see if we can find Gerard, he was once an active Tow411 Member.

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