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1979 Ford F-350 Holmes H475

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Da Wash Boss Added this image back in November of 2008:




Danny Cassello - TRPC "EST 1963"


Localtowee said:

Im in love ...

Please find some more of it Danny..


Bob Lee said:

I drove one of them wreckers,it was a 77 F350 Holmes H475 wrecker body.



my 1st truck was a 1976 chevy c-30 with the holmes 475. great truck but you could not see out the back window. backing up vehicles were a little difficult. the boom was to big.


hpgtowing said:

Danny ... The boys at Plunskies definitely have one of the absolute best collection of vintage iron ANYWHERE! I drool when I see these trucks... I only wish I had a few of those beautiful trucks... I commend the team at Plunskies for there dedication and commitment.. Please keep these pictures coming.... You have aquired one impressive collection yourself Danny? With the grace of God? Possibly I can retire one day a do the same? Thanks Danny and Thanks Plunskies... Be safe and stay well... Steve



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