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What Holmes Units is this?


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Topic Originally created by anytime51 in October of 2010:


I bought this truck a while ago. I do mainly light duty recoveries and tow my own tow trucks with it. Not the International but F450, one ton wrecker, etc..

I went to the WreckMaster 2/3 class and it has added a lot more to the toolbox. So know that I can calculate, I want to know what my specs are for larger trucks and recoveries. 

Also, if anybody knows some pros and cons to this old unit, maybe save me from learning the hard way. 

Truck is 1975 C75. 427 gas job with 5 speed/2 speed rear. My ultimate goal is to trade some of my trucks in for a newer hydraulic wrecker. 
The wrecker unit is a Holmes, but all markings of model and specs have been removed or painted over, and I can't find any info on the wheel lift. I would like to tag it somehow.









kyresqtow said:

Looks like a 500 Holmes would need better pics of the winches though to confirm.


Anytime51 added:



Don Az said:

Looks like a 480 to me. The under lift is a mystery to me.


Gale25yrs said:

The Holmes 500s Ive seen had the mast turned 180 degrees with the winch drums out front. I'm guessing it started as a 525 and someone modified it moving the front end of the booms from the middle to the base of the mast.  Michael212 or Spanky would probably be able to confirm.  The underlift appears to be an early version of the Zacklift 6,000 or 7,000 lb model.


Michael212 said:

Gale, I believe you are correct. It appears to be Holmes 525 mast with possibly early (short webbed) Holmes 600 or 500 booms? Maybe even home/shop made booms? I'm curious as to where they are mounted at the base since the 525 originally mounted halfway up the mast. A complete OEM Holmes 525 was & is a hard pulling machine if it has been taken care of....
Michael Myers
Anytime51 said:
I really don't think it has been abused as much as it has been neglected. The guy I bought it from did budget trucks with it. I have been debating going all the way through the truck. I haven't used it much in the 6 months I have had it.
I am very interested in the specs and how the split boom is supposed to operate safely.

I am wanting a newer medium duty for recovery work, but this is paid for and its a monster.
Thanks for the information.
Townhooker said:
It a Holmes 525 mast with a Zacklift.   You can see on the mast where the original booms should be. Looks like Holmes booms too. Would like to see how the secured the booms low on the deck. Still a good wrecker.
Anytime51 said:
Going today to take some more pictures and really look at the boom attachment points. I now have a question related to the boom relocation. Will this affect the structure being placed lower on the mast. I am thinking it was done to make the adjustments for zack lift and still be able to use the sling when in the right position. Not sure, but again I will be taking pictures today and posting them.
Thank all of you for your response and knowledge.
Anytime51 added:
I tried everything out on the truck and seems to all operate as it should. I didn't split the booms, but all levers and pulley systems work as they should. Hopefully someone can lead me to some ratings on the winches and booms. Thanks
Da Wash Boss said:

No doubt thats a Holmes 525 mast, someone did a pretty nice job of remounting the booms. 

As for the underlift I have no clue it what that is.  Not a bad looking truck overall I kind of like it.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"


Anytime51 said:

Oldy but a goody. The more I started looking into it, the more I like it myself. We call it the "The Black Pearl", My friend gave it that name on the way home with it. Something about it looking like the old ship that should have sunk, but still kicking.
I am in the process of getting it ready for winter. Deciding that its a keeper for now.
Thanks to all who helped me figure it out. I can at least get a good idea about what I can and can't do with it.


Strollostowing said:

From looking at the picture it is a 525 holmes and someone put holmes 500/.600 booms on it . I operated a holmes 525 and the boom was mounted midmast .Our 525 we added to the boom length and moved the mast forward . That truck picked awesome. But one day when I was wiching a stuck farm tractor from a stream (I was 17 years old ) the boom broke at the top and came right down beside me . Almost killed me !! So now at 42 I apppreciate new modern equipment . I also broke the bolster from the mast to the floor on that truck . The geometry was bad due to the extendend booms mid mast . If we had done what this truck has maybe I would have not had the near death experience. good luck with it . as far as the underlift looks like a zack but I have no idea .
Sean Strollo


Anytime51 said:

I wish I knew what the person was thinking when he moved the booms. I really like the set up now that I have looked a little more closely at it. I like them at the 45 degree posted at the base. Whoever did the work, put some time into it. The sling just squeaks by the lift, and the boom attachment points are made strong.

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