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A Question was asked about Highway Calls for Service.


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This question was asked in a FB Group:


How does everybody feel about highway jobs?

and if y’all do them how much extra do you all charge?




While, in may position charging extra isn't a possiblity. I do see where a Hazardous Duty charge is an option. However, the most effect method would be to factor that into all calls for service and set it aside in a special fund. I am not aware of any tow companies that currently do this. As for Motor Club Calls the number of companies that have decreased their number of calls for services on Interestates and Highways seems to have decreased. I can see were adding a Hazardous Duty charge on would be appropriate. Again, with transparency to the employees those charges would go into a special fund. Just to increase employee compensation alone does not provide assistance should an employee be injured. Yes, it seems a high number of companies provide little or no assistance to an employee or their family should that employee be injuried or killed in the line of their duties. I hope some will speak up and prove this to be inaccurate.


Now for my response to the topic:


It is amazing the direction topics take in this group. It comes down to factoring in hazardous duty compensation.


This can be difficult to charge on specific types of tows, so it is generally factored into all tows. Police, Fire, EMS have Hazardous Duty Pay. Tow Trucks being in the Private Sector overwhelmingly do not, even though they are often in similar situations such as working on roadways with speeds over 45 MPH. I say speeds over 45 MPH because generally the majority of tow truck operators struck are on roadways over 45 MPH. Factor in the majority are working alone whereas Police, Fire, EMS, even DOT nearly always have backup. This does not prevent them from being struck, but it does reduce the chance of injury.


Although, by the current numbers more Police Officers are being struck compared to Tow Truck Operators. My major concern are the number of tow truck drivers not wearing proper clothing and practicing safety when working on any speed roadway. Sadly, there will always be bottom feeders that change less even on highway calls. Just as there will be more companies now that refuse highway calls, even if it is only during specific hours.



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