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Simpleman72 second day on the job in 2011

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Jeff has moved over from the old message board. This is a Topic created in April 2011


Simpleman72 said:

Well the 2nd day on the job went pretty well.  First off I got to drive the truck for a few miles solo to meet the boss, and he made sure I hooked up the truck right.  Picked it up from behind and winched it up on the rollback.  Delivered it to the garage where it was going. Done good except I forgot to idle up before I dropped the truck there.  


Then later in the day we got a wreck call so I took my truck, the manager took his and we picked up 2 vehicles.  At first I was getting the truck, but the manager seen it the car had a busted rear tire ( it was front wheel drive and he drives a tow behind with no dollies). So I got the car with the rollback, backed up to it and used the t hooks and winched it right up..


Thank God the cops stopped traffic so we could get them out of the road, I didn't know it at the time, so I was nervous on the traffic side of the road. Cause it was tougher to get the hooks in on that side.. Sorry no pics.. But I thought I done pretty good on the 2nd day on the job..


Blue Stripe said:

A good word of advice to a new guy, would be to pretend that the "T hooks" on your clusters aren't even there.  Cut them off if you can, or if you're allowed to.  They can be dangerous, as they require a perfect 90 degree turn to be effective, otherwise they can and will pop out.  Just FYI.  Use R hooks if you have them, they are bulletproof, otherwise use Mini J's.


BlackAutoload said:

T hooks are worthless on a short bridle. There is simply too much angle.
As a straight back tie down point , they are ok.


certifiedautomall nj said:

I almost always use mini Js never had a problem.


simpleman72 said:

Yeah I've already learned that about the T hooks.  I was winching a Saturn station wagon onto my truck and they popped out three times.  So I then went to my boss and asked why that happened and then he told me to use Mini J's.. Thanks for the advice Blue Stripe.


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