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B/A Products: Product Unveil Live - 06.16.22 @ 11am EST

BA Prod

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We have and will continue to build on the legacies and traditions that have made

B/A a great company. We strive for safety, quality, and productivity. The challenges

we face in our industry puts our lives at risk at any moment.  We here at B/A products

want to change roadside safety for emergency industries. This safety product is a

necessary truck accessory that can require traffic to slow down and move over.


In an interview with our President Craig Mech, he described our development process

and what he knows will occur with the introduction of this new safety product.

"The development process has been long but, we wanted to assure
this product met our stringent quality and performance expectations.
" Stating further, "Our testing has shown, this pneumatic inflatable
device will make an immediate impact on our industries. I believe,
no I know that it will improve our operator's safety."

Please stay tuned and watch live as we are ushering in a new era for roadside safety,

to assist in slowing down and moving over the motoring public. 11:00 AM EST June




We here at B/A products understand the challenges roadside workers face everyday,

in our industry towers put their lives at risk everyday.


We here at B/A products want to change roadside safety for the towing industry.

Tune in to see how we are ushering in a new era for roadside safety.


New product unveil for the Texas Tow Show!




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An excellent and vital addition to towtrucks and operator safety  at the roadside ...especially when the body is demounted and the rear facing lights are obscured ... or in any stationary hazardous  situation ..

I was priveleged to be involved in some early  development trials in the UK  along with Paul Anstee. and the inventor Simon Sciafe .and his company  Nuvech...

Simon has put in a massive amount of hard work  along with the B/A team...to perfect this remarkable product ....


The visual impact to oncoming vehicles is definitely noticeable  raising awareness of the hazard ahead....effective in all weathers . ...vehicles slowing down and moving over ...

Working at the roadside will always be very dangerous...but this product is an important addition  and I strongly recommend it should be considered.


Congratulations to B/A and Nuvech for this excellent addition of AirBar to aid in the campaign of Roadside Safety for Towers ...


Stay safe  y'all.......John





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I thought this was a great idea years ago when John had shown me. Was surprised that I hadn't seen it come to our market but glad they got it worked out now. I will be looking in to a kit for my Peterbilt Rollback. 

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