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To All WreckMaster's,

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In October of 2004 Mike said:

It was due to what I had seen (pics.) and read in this community in the different forums that I attended my 2-3 WreckMaster class.


The information I obtained there will be a great asset in my career. I have been helping our company train drivers since before I was old enough to drive. The reason for that was we wouldn't lose a driver. Also, I had the best of all of our drivers knowledge (sometimes mistakes) from riding with them for years. I don't feel that you will ever know everything, so I went to the class with an open mind and took in a lot of valuable information. I know it will help me to be the best I can be.


The picture on my visor of my wife and children reminds me why I work late at night or in the rain and why I need to be extra cautious on the side of the road. The guys and gals here reminded me that there were techniques that could be learned.


Thank You to all the WreckMasters who post!!!!!!!!!! If it were not for you I would have not taken the class. Now I'm already looking forward to 4-5. And to the operator's who know it all well, Ya right.

CYA in the ditch


Towstany said:

Remember to keep involved. The knowledge will never end.sigtowstany.gif


DrHook541 said:

Mike, you are a fine example yourself of why this forum works. Those photos you posted of the Ohio WM class will give more the incentive to attend a class and learn new techniques and safety procedures.sigdrhook541.gif

C'ya in the ditch.


hansonMA said:

There is always room for more tools in the toolbox.


Kevin aka Polock said:

Excellent responce to the class. May we all feel the same.

Greatest class I ever attended.

Kevin aka Polock


Curt Sharp said:

Like it was said before...stay involved in the discipline. WreckMaster has an outstanding crew of instructors and even more importantly, they keep learning and testing ideas as they go forward also.
Curt A Sharp - Merl's Towing

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