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Plunske Towing

Mike swanson

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Original Topic created July 2006:




Da Wash Boss said:

Hey Mike,,,, THANK YOU FOR POSTING THEM PICTURES,,,,, I gotta learn how. They do have some fine trucks there.


Plunskes garage,,,,, very close personal friends of mine. They have some of the nicest trucks there. The front line heavy duty first one to go out is a 1970 chevy with a 30 ton weld built unit on it. As a matter of fact this chevy use to be mine and i sold them the truck about 5 years ago and they love it.

i have some pictures here from last week , tractor trailer rolled over 73,000 pounds on it. plunskes had 3 trucks there a 1960, 1962 and a 1970. job took 2 hours lifted it loaded.

the plunskes are the nicest people you can ever meet. they also have modern heavy duty underlifts but they normally go out only when needed, example they have a 1988 international with a bro i think that truck has only 30,000 miles if that on it.

they have an international tractor with well over a million miles on it and wow it is like showroom new!


that is their 1955 ford. it has a built 390 engine in it. Mr. Plunske keeps that truck at his house and extra close eye on that one!!!!!!!!! If anyone ever has the chance to meet Mr. Plunske he is a very honorable and wonderful gentleman. He runs a better then first class operation. There are many great people in the towing industry but no one can even begin to compare themselves to Plunskes Garage,,, although them Jersey boys,,, Highpoint and Helmrich are pretty darn close,,, lol. I have some other nice pics of their trucks I am going to have to contact Mark "cfrtruck" to come over and show me how to post.

Danny Cassello - East Hartford, CT



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I was advised these are Weldbuilts and a silent hoist q40. Rather Impressive would you say?


I am adding Plunskes Garage to my bucket list.


Jeffrey Lewis with Rogers Towing (possibly out of Maryland) Said on FB:

That is Plunskies garage out of Wallingford ct. He has a fleet of old Holmes wreckers. Nicest in the country . If ever up that way. Stop in. They will give you a tour. And they all run. And are used daily.


Sean Strollo said on FB:

Plunske not only has Holmes wreckers they have Beautiful assortment of Weldbuilt and other brands. The Ford on this job was purchased brand new in 1962? The truck is still showroom condition. I believe it is a 24 ton . the other Chevrolet is 69 vintage . that is a 30 ton Weldbuilt. Again showroom. They own at least 30 classic 30 year old heavy duty wreckers . freaking amazing . also the q40 was restored by Logan then Plunske took it to the next level.


Nick Dachille said on FB:

It was a extending boom slewing mechanical crane produced for the military. Logan's replaced the original cab with a Mack cab.


Keep adding info and we can use this as a serious archive of information gathered from many sources.

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