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Should've brought swimming trunks  

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Topic was Originally created in 2006:
Here is one myself and my brother did today. Sorry for the lack of pictures but after diving under to hook up the chains pictures were the last thing on my mind.
The operator drove up an enbankment adjacent to the pond with the brush hog up and then gravity took over. Thankfully he avoided being crushed by the tractor when it flipped him off, but the tractor continued on and ended up here. Other than getting soaked it was a pretty simple winchout. Oh yeah as you can see in the picture it is a well stocked pond for fishing.
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showtime93 said:
Thats why iI have a fishing ple in my truck , Nice clear water ,Very nice recovery ,Thanks for sharing
Harvey Spencer
JGM98467 said:
Hey where did that happen at? That tractor looks awfully familiar!
Dlock13 said:
Jeremy, it was out in the Manor, but this was the tractor's maiden voyage so to speak he had recently purchased it.
letsplay2 said:
They just purchased this tractor recently... Oh well I guess it's all washed up or out depending upon how you look at it.

EricGodard CA said:
You folks need to start looking for the positive in things!! Ok it is not much of a tractor anymore but it would make for a great boat anchor!!!!
rotator 60 said:
It's now an artificial reef. Thanks for sharing.
Scott Hedgcoth

allenstowing said:
you got to love new tractor owners. nice job!!
Dlock13 said:
They drained all the fluids, carb, dist. cap, etc. and fired it up today. Before computers things were a little easier to salvage.
bts 3 said:
That tractor doesn't even look realistic under the water. Nice work getting it out!
craneman said:
WOW that's clear water anything around here gets more than 3 inches below the surface and it disappears.
truckerjeff said:
Any fish for dinner David ? interesting to say the least. With all the rain last night we were lucky enough not to have to go swiming But I think Wayne needed a boat to get home.Jeff Watt, Mcneals Auto and Truck of Baltimore MD.
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